Monday, September 23, 2013

Honey Jujube Tea

What do you do when you can't drive but crave for something outside? You make it yourself.
As of now, I am craving for Oiso Honey Jujube tea! 

Here's the recipe:

  • 20 red dates
  • 5 cups of water
  • 3/4 cup of honey
If it ain't simple, I'm not gonna do it. :p
Well, not in my current condition atleast.

How to make honey jujube tea at in your kitchen?

Pit the red dates.  

Slice them.

Put them all in a pot.

Pour in 5 cups of water into the pot.

Put it on the stove and let it boil.

Once boiled, leave it for 10-15minutes.

Pour in honey. Stir.
Note: Honey sweetness varies. To ensure the drink is up to your "standard", give it a taste.

Ready to be served.
Since I want the normal cold honey jujube that I usually order at Oiso, I added ice to my glass. :)

Where to get the red dates? I believe most local supermarkets would have them.
I got mine from Aeon Wangsa Maju supermarket. :) RM12.90 per packet.

Banana Kiwi Smoothies

Got some leftover bananas and kiwis. 
Don't wanna eat it on its own so here's a banana kiwi smoothies.

You will need:
2 ripe bananas ( I chilled mine)
2 ripe kiwis (Chilled too...I simply like cold drinks)
5 ice-cubes

1. Skin the kiwis. Slice bananas and kiwis.
2. Put fruits and ice-cubes into a blender jug.
3. Blend it all together. 
4. Ready to be served. 

p/s: No pics. Was rushing for breakfast. 

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Journey to recovery - Painful Day

DAY 10
Date: 11th Sept 2013

Painful day. Back hurts. Stomach hurts.
Mom almost killed me. Why?

After my follow-up appt with the doc, Mr.Prince Charming charmed me into going lunch. I thought of just going to a small mall 3mins from the hospital but he took me to another mall 5-10mins away from the hospital.

Had lunch on the ground floor of the mall. I had baked fish. I am banned from eating chicken outside, remember? Ordered a cake and iced water. When done, we went to Cold Storage to grab some stuff. Of coz Cold Storage is not small for a sick person like me. I have walked a gazillion steps. Ok. I exaggerated but yeah..too many steps for a sick person.

The next day, Mr.Prince left for work and back to his parents' place for the week. Me? My back ached like crazy! Mom scolded. "Go out. Walk all day. Don't come back and tell me it hurts. You walked about like you are well. If anything happens, don't look for me.", she said.


I spent the day lying down.

I still didn't think it was a gazillion steps. 
C' was just Cold Storage. It isn't the entire KLCC.....ah well, I admit. I underestimated my pain.

Journey to recovery - The Follow-up Appointment

Date: 10th September 2013

1 week done. I can walk but like a turtle. I won't say snail coz snail is just tooooo slow.
Felt scared coz the follow-up appt is when doc normally remove stitches. When I woke up in the morning, I checked my dressing. Clean. :) Quite nervous about the dressing removal.

Overworked brain had these thoughts:
Will it hurt to remove the plaster?Will it be like brazilian wax to remove the plaster? How strong is the plaster sticking to my skin? Will the stitches removal be painful? Does my scar look ugly? Is the scar healing nicely? What if there is pus? Will the doc poke the scanning stick inside me? Will it be crazy painful when it gets into me? What's the finding of my tissues sent to lab? Will there be more injections given? Will I be ok to walkabout? Will the queue be long? I have not gone to the toilet...will the toilet there be clean and comfy to do my business?

See! Millions of thoughts. hahahaha 

Anyway, I was the 2nd patient to see the doc. Nurse took my weight...I lose 4kgs. Of coz I do not believe it. I have yet to verify at home coz the weighing machine is upstairs and I have not climbed the stairs. Not gonna rush it.

After an hour(or maybe 1.5hours) of waiting, I finally get to see Dr.Marsita Mansor. She first briefed on what was done during the surgery and what happened. One of my cyst broke during procedure. I was shocked when I heard it (need to remind is not a cancerous cell!Don't freak out!). Doc said, she cleaned it up. First round of flushing was bad but second round was good. All cleared. When she opened me up, she found more areas stuck to my pelvic...she released them as well. If I waited for surgery, it would have been worse. :(

I kept asking if my uterus will go back to being retroverted. She said we will know after labour. Normally it doesn't. Even if it does, it will only be slightly slanted not entirely retroverted. That's good news. I don't think I can go through another round of this.

As for my period, the injection she gave before I checked out of the hospital is mean to hold the eggs from being mature. No eggs released. Therefore, no period. This is to give my system some time to recover. Esp when I had endometriosis. The drug is meant to suspend my period between 3-6months. And no, she won't be giving me any more shots. However, IF my period happens to occur before 3months, I will have to inform her.

She also mentioned that once I get my period, Mr.Prince and I have to be on gear 5. Oh myyyy haha

My tissues are clean. Not cancerous. Not seen to be regenerating in any manner. Phew!
Here's comes the rod scanner. Super scared. Doc said "Of coz I have to scan you. You have been through surgery. Scanning is nothing." haha She scanned. Position is correct. No longer stuck to the back. All looks good. There are eggs but they are immature. Small. Ovaries are smaller compared to the time before surgery. Guess it takes time to go back to normal.

When done, she removed the dressing. Guess what? It is not even painful. hahaha Mr.Plaster was kind. Doc was gentle. :) She said my wound is recovering fine. "Your skin looks nice. It is good." To hear that from a doc, you can smile. :) Or maybe grin. I asked if there are any stitches to be removed. None. She did the cosmetic type. No stitches to be removed Yahooooo!!!! I'm saved!

Doc prescribed calcium supplement; Proscal. Now I take calcium and omega-3 daily. :)
On top of that, there is also honey and pomegranate juice. Olive oil? I can't Mr.Prince Charming is getting me Extra Virgin Olive Oil in capsule form.

On top of that, doc also mentioned for me to eat healthily. When it comes to chicken, eat the organic ones. She recommended the ones from Az-Zain. Mr.Prince has been getting me those as well. I enjoy my fishes so mom loaded her freezer with fishes. :) Guess my Nando's visit will be super seldom after this. :p

Big Chomp Burger

After my first burger bakar at Burger Kaw Kaw SS15, we decided to give another burger place a shot. Big Chomp Burger is along the same row as Burger Kaw Kaw SS15. Super "close" competition. 2 burger place just few lots apart. Interesting. I believe there can never be too many eating place in SS15 with all the college and uni students!

Pretty counter. :) This place is nicely done. :)
If you are unsure of what to order from the menu, don't be shy to ask the person behind the counter.

The normal buns are too mainstream that Big Chomp only offers charcoal and pandan bun.
I am not a fan of pandan but trust me, the pandan taste is not strong despite the colour. Which is a good thing. :) 

Meet Chomp C+ with pandan buns. :) 

This is The Beast with charcoal buns. I like my buns. :p I just realized that my mouth is not that big...I can't fit the entire burger into my mouth. haha I ordered my burger with set. It comes with fries and a drink. Yes, the drink is refillable. :) 

Cute napkin. I just know I need to capture it. lol

Nice ambience. Great hang out place. :) Mr. Prince Charming has been here twice.

The damage for one set of burger + 1 burger :
Big Chomp Burger
No.39, Ground Floor,
Jalan SS15/8A.
47500 Subang Jaya.
Tel: 012-296 1269
Opening Hours:
Mon - Fri : 11am - 11pm
Sat - Sun : 12pm - 12am
Facebook: Big Chomp Burger

If you know where Asia Cafe is, Big Chomp Burger is across.
Parking could get challenging but the open space next to Asia Cafe is quite a safe bet. Especially if you come in the evening.

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Burger Kaw Kaw SS15 Subang Jaya

Burger Bakar...not sure what the hype is all about.....ended up here the other nite coz we didn't know what to eat and I wanted to go to iamlejen ;)

Before getting to this place, I saw soooo many stalls selling burger bakar. What is burger bakar? hahaha
Anyway, here we are at Burger Kaw Kaw SS15. When in doubt, order one beef and one chicken burger.

Cheezy fries. Just like the picture. Fries with melted cheese and garnished with herbs.

This is fraggy. It is wedges with some funky sauce, cheese and herbs.

Kah ching! Pardon the picture quality.

I don't quite like it. Taste is OK...but our food was cold despite the wait.
May not revisit. Sorry.

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Journey to recovery - Day 5 to 7

Date: 6th Sept 2013

Felt slightly better. A friend dropped by to see me with her baby girl and husband. She brought me some fruits. Talked a lil. Ate a lil.

Blood pressure seemed more headaches. My mom told me to not over think as it is probably due to the drugs that have been introduced to me body. I believe she is right. I check my dressing everyday. So far, it is dry. Doc said dry is good so I guess I'm good. From time to time I feel slight pain at the part where I believe the cut is. My mom said it is probably the cut is healing.

Mr.Husband wasn't around...not until Sunday 8th Sept 2013. sighh...I think he needed a lil space too. Taking care of a sick person doing nothing could be draining. I pity him but I want him around. How?

Date: 7th Sept 2013

Just a normal day. Nothing new. Walking was still super slow.
2 friends said they were coming. Didn't know what time. They said some time in the evening.
No news til late to say they were not coming. "=.=
Mr.Husband came back. 

Date: 8th Sept 2013

Dad left for Melbourne. :( That made a weekend like a weekday.
2 friends finally came. Talked a lil. Ate lunch together. Organic chicken masak merah. (Mr.Husband said I shouldn't eat any other chicken apart from the organic ones.....ok darling.)
Parents and sis in-law came. Left when the sun was about to go down. As usual, I talked and laughed like as if I am 100% okay. :p

p/s: Won't do a daily status updates after day 7. Since the surgery, I have only been laying down on my back.....sighh No fun. Not easy. I can only bend my legs to find some comfort. Can't wait for the day when I can lay down on my side...thennnnn on my stomach coz that's how a cat like me roll! :p

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Journey to recovery - Day 4

Date: 5th Sept 2013

I thought my blood pressure will be back to normal. I thought I was right when I woke up with no more headaches. I was wrong when it came back after I had breakfast. =( 

My husband and I woke up a lil earlier to pack our stuff for check-out (sounds like as if we were at some hotels, eh?). Lunch came. I ate. I got dressed and wait for the nurse to come with the bills. How much was the bill? RM13036.60. Mr.Husband had to top up a lil coz my insurance only covered RM150 for room/nite. Still a small amount compared to the 5-digit bill. We were both relieved. Phew! His pimples popped upon hearing the total though. :p

Like hotels, check-out time is 12noon. We requested for a wheelchair to send me to the car. First time in a wheelchair man! Too bad we didn't take a pic. :( It was quite scary coz my insides were still painful.

The nurse waited by the entrance until Mr.Husband reached the entrance with the car. When I got into the car, I told him to go over the bumps super slow. That was also the day I wanted to curse the condition of the road surface!!!!! Anyway, I survived. =)

Next appointment with the doc is the following Tuesday 10th Sept; AM. I can't wait to see the doc again. hahaha

When I reached home, I got headaches on and off. It is scary. I drank water with a hope it will help. I ate bananas too. I tried not to read too much. I tried not to stare onto my laptop screen too long. When it gets scary, I lie down.

Journey to recovery - Day 3

Date: 4th Sept 2013

I would say I am feeling better. I could stand. I could go to the washroom on my own. (Under supervision though...just incase I fall or need help) Still painful but bearable. I could eat. I have regained my appetite! :)

By the time the doc came over to see me at 10am, I boasted. I said "Hi doc. I can stand already. I can go to the washroom too." And yes, I said that all with my chirpy tone accompanied by a big grin on my face. hahahahaha

She looked happy that I am happy too. I guess everyone is happy that I am looking much better. See! I know people will feel odd when I don't talk much! :p The world is simply less fun I guess. lol This is the day she will give me the injection to suspend my period. I asked if it will be painful. She said no. I asked her where will she inject me. She said "Your butt." siigghhh I gave her my butt anyway...

I felt the cold alcohol swab against my skin. Then the doc just plunged the syringe into me. I didn't feel a thing....odd. I asked if it is done. She said yes. I was in disbelief. I said "It is like as if you are lying."

My mom didn't believe I didn't feel it. She asked me again and again. I gave her the same answer. I really didn't feel anything. She said "You must have a very thick skin. The doc pressed deeply into your meat. Your meat was a lil dented and you didn't feel anything." Oh my....odd. Either my mom is right or the doc is awesome. Doesn't really matter as long as it is not painful. Doc gave me the packing. hahaha I am keeping it for memory sake. *Do ppl actually do that???*

The doc is super friendly that she even hugged and kissed my mom. She recited a few prayers with us. :) I told you she is nice! I believe my mom is having a good feeling about her too. She is just very gentle and motherly. What more can you ask for from a gynae?

Upon leaving, she told me I can be discharged whenever I am ready. I told my husband that I will be ready the next day. We informed the nurses so that they can prepare the necessaries by tomorrow morning.

That night, Mr.Husband brought back Paddle Pop rainbow popsicle. ^___^ One of my uni housemate dropped by and stayed til late. My blood pressure went crazy high that night too.... :( I was super worried. I was starting to get crazy headaches too. I forced myself to sleep believing I was just tired and it will go off when I wake up the next day. I was also scared they will hold me back. =|

Guess what? I didn't feel the syringe probably coz the morphine or the anaesthesia had lasting effect on me. About 2weeks after the injection, I feel numbing pain on my left upper thigh near the area where the injection was. Damn! 

Journey to recovery - Day 2

Date: 3rd Sept 2013

I just noticed I have a urine bag attached to me "=.= No wonder I didn't have to go to the toilet! (Some opening lines I've got there :p ) hahaha Mr.Husband was surprised that I didn't know. Well, I couldn't look down. Not even at my lower abdomen. To be more exact, I can't even sit up. I had a urine bag picture coz I have never seen it. I wanted to share it here but Mr.Husband disapprove so sorry peeps. No looking at my pee bag. :p

When I woke up to Mr.Sunshine in the morning, 2 staff nurses came and out of nowhere said "Mandi". Great. Now I have to let other ppl bathe me. "=.= I have never been bathed by anyone after I started kindergarten. I have no idea how a sick person is bathed and now I do. :) The nurses also replaced my bedsheet after they bathed me. It wasn't as bad as them wanting to wash my back coz I can lift my butt to allow them to replace the bedsheet; I practiced bending my legs the previous night coz I felt dead lying down on my back all the time and at some point I discovered I can lift my butt. :p

Bad news. Ran out of Mr.Morphine at 11am after I bathed.sobbbssss The machine made noise so I called for the nurse. She said it is making noise coz the med is finished. I thought she would take a new one coz she disappeared for awhile. She didn't come back. I called for the nurse again. She said doc won't give me anymore. If I still feel the pain, they will give me a shot on my butt. I said ok. I am scared of pain. They were already giving my pain killers.

At this point, my gynae has yet to visit me. I wondered why. I only know she will be at the hopsital in the morning. She finally came at 12pm or 1pm to said hello. Met my mom. She told me she didn't come any earlier coz it is pointless to explain to me while I was still groggy. I will only make her repeat the same thing again and again. She brought a nurse along. The nurse looks experienced. My gynae told the nurse she wants to disconnect me from everything. She wants me to be on my own.

She said "I want to see you on your feet tomorrow. You cannot just lie down. You need to go to the washroom on your own. I don't want you to be bedridden. When you get down, wiggle your toes before you stand. Stand up straight. Don't slouch to give way to the pain. Walk one step at a time. Left. Right. Left. Right. I know you can do it!" Sighhhh I signalled the nurse to take everything off tomorrow. I wasn't ready. *like as if the doc will let me get away with it!*

My dear mom took the opportunity to complain to the doc that I wouldn't eat anything. I barely drink anything. When ppl say something funny, I make them keep quiet and would cry if I couldn't contain my laughter. It was such a torture. Trust me. Doc wasn't happy to hear that.

After what she said, she gave me strength to want to get up! I suddenly wanna try sitting up. I asked her when she will come to see me again. I don't know why I felt that I need to see her again. Maybe she gives me the confidence. Maybe she gives me the assurances that I need to feel and be normal again. She makes me feel like I can do it! ahaha During her visit, she checked my dressing as well. It was dry. She said it is good. Phew! She mentioned that she will give me drug to put my period on hold for 3 to 6 months. She will inject me tomorrow. I asked her if she will come and see me again like a kid asking if her mother would be coming for her. lol She said "Tomorrow." =)

At 3pm, the nurse came back to disconnect me from every attachments. I told her she can take off the IV first. I will eat. She asked about the urine bag. I told her to come back in the evening after my husband has had dinner; 8pm.

Shortly after, my mom left. She told me to not stand up on my own or I might fall. I told her not to worry. She told my bro to put the sides of my bed so that I won't fall. Mother knows. hahahaha Right after she left, I gave Mr.Husband updates about the attachment and I need him to come back quickly. He was gone for the entire day! If I wasn't sick, I would have killed him! I wanted to sit up so badly but he is still not around so I gathered all my strength to tug onto the sides of my bed to sit up. I first rolled to one side and then pulled myself harder to sit up.

When my husband finally came back into the room, I was already sitting up. I told him he will need to walk me to the bathroom later. He said OK. 8pm came. The same nurse came back. I was sooo scared that it might hurt to remove the cable from my bladder to the urine bag. Thank god it did not!

This is how I looked like after I managed to sit at the edge of the bed to wiggle my toes. My dear husband took this shot and sent it to our parents as progress report. I looked miserable! urgh The reason I set the pic to medium size. :p

Here's a pic of the first bouquet I received after my surgery. It was ordered by one of my kids at work. Thank you Alex! :) I love the combination of the flowers! Pink and red roses with forget me nots. :) My mom said it is very sweet and pretty too.

This came the day after. The message read,

Dear Ruzanna,
Ma you enjoy this time off to put your feet up and recover fully.
We hope that the next few weeks are filled with lots of rest and relaxation.

Your fellow STORM Troopers

Pretty bouquet. I have not received many bouquet of flowers in my life so I love those I have received. :) The bouquet below has lilies. Lilies are not cheap! And they remind me of my godmother. Should ring her one of these days. This also has grapes and Forrero Rocher. My husband loves the choc. He almost finished it. :p No honey, I'm not angry. I don't mind you eating them for me. The more you eat, the less I get. :) That is a good thing. Don't worry. ;)

I didn't get to put my feet up yet when I received this, It was too painful. ihihihihi

The following is my MC given by my doc. Yes, you read that right. 42days. Lucky? I just went through surgery. I had barely walked. My insides are crazy painful. I will be in pain and gawd knows what else. Lucky? Think again.

I am luck that I still have my loved ones to love and care for me. I am lucky to have gone through a successful surgery. I am lucky that I found out about my condition before it was too late. I am lucky the insurance company covered my expenses! 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Yet another surgery...checking into the hostpital

Venue : KPJ Ampang Puteri, Room 544
Date/Time : Check-in: 2nd Sept 2013, 12:30am | Check-out: 5th Sept 2013, 12noon.
Reason : Endometriosis and PCOS
Companies : Darling husband(resident :p), mama & Shahril.
Visitors: My parents, parents in-law, Lina, Hafiz and his friend Along, Erlena(my dear housemate from uni years)

Date: 2nd Sept 2013
I have been advised to get myself admitted slightly after midnite on the operation day. This is to give some time for me to settle down and prepare for surgery. Honestly, I am not sure what kind of preparation will take place. I have never been so clueless before and there is nobody to ask. 

To register for admission past operation hours, you will need to to go Emergency section. Honestly, I am not very fond of Emergency area. I always imagine Emergency to be very gruesome; people rushing through from accidents looking nasty with skin (if not organs) falling apart. Thanks to my super imaginative mind. Anyway, it was peaceful when I reached the hospital. 

Went to the registration counter with my file and documents. Waited for about 20-30minutes (didn't time coz I was busy reading). When my name was called, the officer mentioned that I have already been assigned to a 2-person room. Since I need my husband to be with me all the time, I requested for a single room. Number of rooms were low as hospital is under renovation. The officer made few calls to arrange for my room. Luck was quite on my side. We got the room we want. :)

I signed the registration form and few other papers before going into the room. Made a mistake there. I didn't check if my name was spelled properly; they missed an N. I only noticed when the nurse wanted to put the tag onto my wrist.

Here I am. Checking out the room. The spot where I was standing is where the extra bed for Mr.Husband was placed. Yeah, he got the window.

This is me on the bed. Settling down. Before a nurse came in to check on me.
What she did was take my blood pressure reading and put on the patient tag.

My surgery was scheduled to be at 9:30am. I know there are more preparation to be done on me. At 8:30am, my parents dropped by to check on me. No news from any nurses. I grew anxious so I went to the counter on my floor to ask. The nurse mentioned that my name is on in the Operation Theater(OT). Ho noess......ah well...when I encounter situations like this, I ask myself what's the worst that could happen? Worst case, my surgery won't take place as scheduled but the following Monday and I will have to extend my leave...

When the clock struck 9am, a nurse came in with the OT gown for me to change into. She said I will have to go to the OT soon. By then, my dad has left for work so there were just my mama and husband.

Honestly, I like the gown. The material is good and feels comfy. It is also great that it is quite thick and not transparent. :)

Here's a pic of me getting wheeled out of my room to the OT. It felt odd being wheeled while you are lying down. At this point, I was still feeling fine. My room was at level 5 while the OT on level 2. Did I mention I am scared of hospitals? Read: Ghosts and dead people. Whenever I get into the elevator, I never went deep into the elevator....I stayed by the door in a position ready to exit the elevator so you can imagine how I feel when they wheel me into the elevator on the bed. My head was at the deepest end of the elevator. Since it is the staff elevator, I was alone with the 2 nurses as per pic below. sighhhh

Relieved to see my mom and husband again. This pic is taken right outside the OT. My husband is apparently very happy to take this kind or pic; we look like midgets. Thank god I was lying down.

Since this isn't my first time to enter OT, I know not to have anything on me. By nothing, I mean baby butt naked nothing. So accessories, no contact lenses, no nothing at all. This is when the nurse interrogated me with few questions.

Nurse: Is this your first time to undergo surgery?
Me: No.
Nurse: Do you have any accessories on?
Me: No.
Nurse: Do you have your contact lenses on?
Me: No.
Nurse: Any loose tooth?
Me: No.
Nurse: Are you allergic to any meds?
Me : No. Not that I know of.

She then verified my name, IC number and what kind of surgery I will undergo. I don't know all the details but I know the 2 major procedures that will be performed unto me. As you can see in the pic below, I have moved from my bed to the OT bed. OT bed has no sheets on it. I got onto it on my own coz I can still move. :p

After the little interview, I was wheeled into the OT waiting area. My husband and my mom kissed me farewell. I can't tell the time or how long I waited coz I am extremely short-sighted and having no watch on my wrist is soooo not helping. My gynae greeted me with anaesthetist. The anaesthetist introduced himself and told me I will have spinals done. He asked if I agree....what do I know? I answered, I will follow what my gynae recommended for me. Yes, I trust her that much. :)
I was only super concern if I will be conscious and feel the pain. He said no. I trust him.

After some time, I was still not wheeled into the OT. I just waited. Then I heard a little commotion between a woman and few nurses about punctuality. Surprise surprise, the woman was my gynae. hahaha I was quite nervous about her being angry and then perform surgery onto me. I was about to ask her how she was when she attempted to wheel me into the OT herself. haha 2 nurses came rushing to wheel me into the OT.

If you have been in an OT before, you would know how cold it is. Atleast for the patient it is. At this point, I was nervous about my gynae but it died when she came to me and guided me to recite prayers with her. :) I know she is calm enough for the procedure. Professionalism. I like that. :)

Then as usual, nurses came rushing to take my blood pressure, put on the heartbeat monitor and few others that need to be done to prepare me for the surgery. The painful bit is obviously with the anaesthetist. :p He first poked a vein on my wrist and turn on the IV. I hate this bit.

When someone mention spinal, it means it is done at your spine. urgh! I was told to sit up...a nurse wiped a big cold alcohol swab onto my back. A male nurse gave me a pillow and showed me a tugging action. I got it right away. It is to help me bear the pain. I only could say prayers. Was soooo scared. soobbbssss When the anaesthetist start poking my back to inject the med, it was super painfulllllllllll. I almost resisted. He told me to relax. I almost cried. Few seconds after, there are pins and needles in my left leg. The anaesthetist asked if my leg felt heavy. I said only my left leg. He came back with a needle. He showed me he has a needle and poked my left shoulder. Trust me. After so much pain, I thought he wanted to inject me again....... Guess what? He poked to let me feel the needle coz he wanted to check the effectiveness of the meds. haha He then poked my legs and asked if I felt the needle. Nope. Not a single prick. When he poked my lower abdomen, I felt it a little. He looks satisfied. I now know how paralyzed ppl feel. I think. =|

I was shivering already. My teeth were clattering.

My upper body was shaking real hard that I could almost fall of the OT bed. Someone told a nurse to bring in the blower. They placed a pole-like stand near my stomach and place a blanket on it. That way, I had no view of anything beyond my stomach. Inside the blanket is where the blower was placed. I am super thankful for it.

I can't remember when I fell asleep. Maybe I was tired. Halfway through (atleast I think it is halfway), I woke up and felt movements on my lower body. Not exact movements but just pressure. I saw pipes with liquid moving in it. I don't know if I should be thankful for my short-sightedness of not. haha I could have seen more if I weren't. For my curiousity, I would be nice. For my faint heart, it may not be good. I might freak out. lol

I knew it would be done soon when I heard my gynea said "I'm almost done here."

By end of surgery, I got wheeled out of the OT back to the waiting area. Yes, I was wide awake. My gynae told me it is successfully done. I asked if the position of my uterus has been fixed. She said "Yes. All cleared.". Phew! I don't know why I always have to ask questions after my surgery. During my last surgery, I asked the dentist has removed all 4 teeth not just 2. haha

In my head, I have decided. If it wasn't done as expected, I want them to wheel me back to the OT and get it all done. I am never coming back another time for the same surgery!

Don't know why Mr.Husband took this but here you go. :p Must be a sample for the factory or something. This must be taken while I was in OT.

While waiting, I heard how the nurses had to wake the patients under GA. They must be thankful I went under spinals; one less patient to wake :p First my mom came. Then my husband came to see me before I got wheeled back to my room. Before that, I had to go through another round of torture; move back to my bed. During this time, I still couldn't feel my legs. 2 nurses moved me. Rolled me onto the bed. The experience......*speechless*

When I reached my room, everyone was there. I reached out to my phone to inform friends that it is done. lol I went on talking like nothing has been done onto me. Odd. I still couldn't feel my legs so I asked the nurse when will I be able to feel my legs again. The meds apparently lasts for 6-7hours. I had to keep looking at the clock to ensure they are right and more importantly, my legs "come" back to me.

Lunch time passed. Dinner passed. With the IV and morphine on me, I didn't feel like I need to eat. Wasn't hungry and no appetite. I didn't want to go to toilet too soon too. Was thankful I didn't have nature calling me right after my surgery. 

A nurse dropped by to give me some meds. She mentioned "Take it after meal." She also asked if I feel like vomiting. I said no. She said some ppl would throw up due to morphine. I guess I am different. Since I have to take the meds after food, I tried eating Gardenia Orange Waffle. Too bad. After the first bite, I threw up. I buzzed the nurse to tell I need to vomit but too late. I was wrong about being different too. Thank god it was just some fluid mixed with the orange waffle. Thank you Mr.Husband for helping to clean me up. Sorry you had to do that. I know you love me. Anyway, it was painful. Insides were painful so I shed a single tear. Nurse told me to press the button for meds whenever I am in pain. Thank god for morphine!

At that point, I didn't care about food anymore. I just drank a lil bit of plain water and took my meds. Sooo thankful it is in capsule form. If it is liquid, I'll juz tell them to inject it into me. haha

That night, I found out it is crazy painful to cough. I accidentally coughed while sleeping. Cried a single tear again. sighhhh Mr.Morphined helped. He took the pain away and puts me to sleep. phew! Click click click. The machine was a lil problematic coz the nurse had to down to the OT for replacement twice else the beeping sound won't stop and we all can't sleep.hahaha I was barely sleeping during the 2nd night in the hospital; in pain, nurses came in almost every 2 hours to take my blood pressure and temperature. That night, I had slight fever but felt indifferent. I took the paracetemol nevertheless. 

Preparing for surgery

After my first appt with Dr.Marsita Mansor, my husband and I dropped by his aunt's place and then head to a restaurant nearby. In my mind, I have already listed things I need to do in order to go for this surgery.

- Inform my parents
- Inform his parents
- Inform my team lead
- Inform my team manager
- Register myself at the hospital
- Reach out to HR regarding leaves and insurance
- Reach out to my personal insurance agent
- Find out if anyone has ever gone through similar surgery with the same gynae and what to know.
- Reach out to friends who have been through similar surgery. I have a few.
- Tidy up my bedroom at my in-laws' a lil
- Start packing and buying everything I might need for surgery and post-surgery.
- Pick some books and stitching projects to bring along.
- Inform close friends at work about my planned sick leaves.
- Pack bag for hospital stay.
- Prepare room at my mother's place.

Otw home, I texted my dad to inform about my situation and the surgery I have to undergo. I told him not to tell my mom yet coz I don't want her to have any panic attacks. Lil did I know it was my dad feeling restless after getting the news. I plan to stay at my mom's place during my recovery period. Since they will be going for Haj early Octorber, I have to plan my recovery well. It will take 6 weeks. phew!

When we reached home, we broke the news to Mr.Husband's parents. They looked calm. My FIL called his surgeon elder brother to help book an appt with another gynae at the nearby hospital for second opinion. At that point, I was very confident with my gynae already but to make everybody happy, I just agreed.

I went to see another gynae for a second opinion. A lil confused after but based on my comfort level, I picked Dr.Marsita Mansor. Had a lil discussion with Mr.Husband after and he feels the same too so it is all great. 

With no knowledge about insurance, I struggled a lil. I have only been under my personal insurance for 9months and when we mentioned I have cysts, they question further coz apparently cysts doesn't just come. Our insurance agent said he will try his best to get us covered I sense problem already. 

I asked my HR friend if the company insurance will cover. She said no. I tried my luck anyway. I kept calling the hospital to get updates as well. When HR got back to me with the GL, I was sooo relieved but she mentioned it is only for RM2500. Heck! Where do I get more? Nobody seems to properly explain how this thing works until I talked to an officer at the hospital during my check-in. It is simple. REALLY. Initial value is just to allow you to get admission. Once you are done, the hospital will revise the value based on your bill and follow-up with the insurance company. Yes, the hospital will do it for you. :) Anyway, our head was only cleared about checking into the hospital. Thank goodness for the officer! As always, I thought about the worst situation; my bill not covered by anything. I have already thought about borrowing money from family. Whoever they are. I am desperate to get well. I hate my monthly problems and need to put it to an end.

When I talked to few ppl about the surgery I was about to undergo, a few went " are doing this to get a baby?" These ppl makes me feel like smacking them. Are you that dumb? I am not well. Things inside me are abnormal. I almost died everytime I get my period. urgh!!!!!! Best of all, when I said cysts, someone said it is the first stage of cancer. Awareness among our kind is low. It is a shame it is low among women too. Ladies, you have to know about all these. The condition is getting very common. "=.= Men, you will need to know too coz you care about women and sex. =p

When I dropped by my mother's place the night before surgery, she wasn't happy that I am not well-rested. What can I do? No one else can help me run around and do what I needed to do. Sorry ma. I took forever to get all that I needed. I just have to be sure I have all I need. Book. Stitches. Mags. Gadgets. Clothes. Trolley for my stuff coz I won't be able to move much after surgery. Cold and cough meds incase I catch them during recovery. And many many many many more. =p My dad asked if I know I am going for a surgery not a holiday. I must be super calm...that's why he asked me that. "=.= 
This is the girl who happily packed a suitcase to check into a hospital. 

To know how I "happily" admit myself into the hospital, click here.

First Appt with Dr.Marsita Mansor

For those who knows me, they would know that I have been married for almost 3 years now but still no luck with any minis. :p This entry can be considered as the sequel to my newly found best gynae. :p

If there is anything I know about appointments with a gynae, it is that it takes forever to finally get called in to see the doc. Gotta be patient.

Being the ambitious me, I told my husband we have to register ourselves at 10am as soon as the clinic opens and we did. The nurse informed that doc will only come in after 3pm so we can go out and chill.

Super anxious me asked what do I need to do to see the doc and what will the doc do to me. lol I have t know all just to ensure I do it right. The nurse told me she needs to take my weight and height. And then, when we come back at 3pm she will pass me a container to fill in with sperm extraction. I don't know how we are going to do it coz it is juz odd doing things outside a bedroom. :p

I took this opportunity to spend some time with Mr.Husband and treat my bestie a birthday lunch. After lunch, we made our way back to the clinic. I took the container and went into a room at the clinic. It is equipped with a bed, prayer mat and a tv. My husband performed Zohor prayer.

When done, we passed the container back to the nurse. Our name only got called at about 6pm. The wait was long but it wasn't too bad as it is quite comfortable there. There are TVs and sofa. Not to forget free Wifi and as usual, I have my book with me.

Upon seeing the doc, we greeted each other. We sat down. She asks about how long we have been married and did a lil analyzing on my period cycle, how I feel about it and if I'm taking any meds. So ladies, it is good to keep track of your period cycles,dates and duration. It helps to see changes in your body and it makes it easier for you to answer your doc. ;) Based on what I told her, things are pretty off. Not surprising at all. I also informed her that I cancelled my first appointment with her coz I was having my period. She mentioned it would have been the right time. Ah well, during this appointment I was in my final days. She took the reading of my blood pressure and our sugar level reading. Everything is normal so far despite the fact we just had lunch.

She did a scan on my uterus and ovaries. Found the following:
- Retroverted uterus
- Uterus stuck to the back
- Endometriosis
- Traces of blood in the canal
- Size of ovaries are about 3 times the normal size; ABNORMAL

She explained how these made it hard for us to conceive and why I have to go through hell during my period. Not to mention why my period comes as it wishes or not come at all. She advised to go for surgery. She will perform 7 procedures on me. The scar will be about 4-5cm. I will not be under GA but she will get me sedated. Me.SCARED. I asked if I will be conscious when she performs everything, she said no and even if I am I won't feel a thing. Phew!

We were given 2 options as to where we want to get it done; KPJ Ampang Puteri OR Columbia Hospital. I picked KPJ Ampang Puteri as it is nearer to my parents' place. We filled up the Admission Form and Great Eastern Guarantee Letter. She said we can go back to discuss with our families or get second opinion on this. She would understand and I can give her a call anytime I am ready to schedule a surgery date. Btw, she only performs surgery on Mondays. Just FYI.

Alhamdulillah sperm count is great. One less entity to worry about. =)

We walked out with no meds but extra virgin olive oil, honey and pomegranate base.
I felt happy with the appointment and the doc. Heart wasn't heavy about my situation. This may sound crazy but I have already expected it. I have always known I have retroverted uterus. I know it is stuck from a traditional practitioner we met last year. I suspected that I have endometriosis. Others that I just found out are additional. We must be the calmest upon hearing the news. haha

Next move: Prepare for surgery.

They were some points in my life where I feel so desperate to have children but after awhile it just sails away. I still want but not desperate. I keep feeling that it is probably not the time yet and that He has better plans for me. Who am I kidding? I don't even have my own roof and my work is crazy. On top of that, my current earning is not satisfying. :p Anyway,  I only feel the need to have kids when I am reminded of my age. I still feel 22. =)

Best Gynaecologist in Malaysia ;)

From the title of the post, you can conclude that I have found a gynaecologist I am comfortable with.
She is Dr.Marsita Mansor. =)

How did I end up meeting her?
She is my husband's cousin's gynae. My husband has suggested that we make an appointment with her some time ago but I can't be bothered. My depression level was super high. I can't be bothered to try anymore. There were also some unresolved personal issues during that point in my life.

Few of he major reasons why I agreed on meeting her.
- My husband was the one who called to book an appointment. This is nothing but it shows me he is putting in the effort.
- My husband called for another appointment. We had to cancel the first appointment coz I happened to get my period on the appointment day. We were wrong for not calling. Doc would have gotten better view of my uterus. 
- Mr.Husband is willing to get himself checked too. :)
- The doc is said to be motherly and treats her patients the Islamic way.
- I could feel her could be just me but I feel like she is sincere to help.
- She treats me like a human. You know how embarrassing it is to have someone else "look" at your southern region. :p

For those who wishes to meet her, the following is her clinic address. Do call in to book for an appointment.

No. 67, Jalan Melati Utama 4,
Melati Utama,
53200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-4106 6990
Fax: 03-4106 6689

To know more about my first appointment with Dr.Marsita Mansor, click here. =)

Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Humble Chef

After being disappointed with lunch, I suggested The Humble Chef for dinner. I have heard a lot about this place but haven't got a chance to try. Since Mr.Prince Charming and I are not very familiar with Damansara Heights, we took quite a bit of time until we found the place and spot to park. Yes, parking is scarce. Like anywhere else in KL. :p

The size of the restaurant is decent. Just like its name, it is humbly decorated as well. We got lucky to have table! :) As you enter, find a spot. Then, place your order at the counter. A number like following will be given.

I gotta say it is a nice place to hang out with friends but at the same time I don't feel good hogging the seats for too long when there are people waiting for seats. Especially those with kids.

Here is what the counter looks like. On the tabletop is the menu. Printed on A4-size paper and laminated. On the blackboard is a highlight of the day.

Being a olio fan, I ordered Seafood Aglio Olio.

Mr.Prince Charming ordered Chicken Pita and Beef Sandwich. He ordered 2 items because it is cheap and we are both thankful he did as the portion is small.

We like the beef sandwich!

Chicken pita is like the chicken mayo one normally would have in sandwiches. Just that this one fills the pita bread.

This, is our dessert. Me and my creme brûlée. ngehngehngeh

The damage? I won't really call this a damage. ;)

54, Jalan Medan Setia 2,
Plaza Damansara.
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 014-22956854

Opening Hours:
Monday - Saturday : 12pm - 3pm & 6:30pm - 11:30pm

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Friday, August 30, 2013

Nutmeg, Bangsar Village 2

Mr.Prince Charming suggested going to this cafe a number of weeks ago after he read a review on one of the top malaysian food blog. As usual, before we hit to the cafe, I'll google to look for more reviews and find someone to drool upon. Seems fine. We drooled over the breakfast

Since it is just in Bangsar...we dropped by to check it out.
These were on the table. The salt&pepper bottles are soooo cute!

I like their decor!

Here is what the place looks like during lunch hour. Decent. There are of coz a lot of women catching up with friends and tralalalalala. I always envy them coz they always appear like as if they don't have to go to work. hahaha

Here is a lil peep on the menu. The first waiter who waited our table asked if it was our first time and briefed us about what's not available on the menu and what would take long to prepare. I would say it was a good intro.

I ordered Southern Fried Breakfast with sides; garlic tomatoes while Mr.Prince Charming ordered  Nutmeg Big Breakfast. His plate came with lamb sausage. We DO NOT eat lamb so we replaced it with potatoes. I requested my meal to come with sunny side up while he went for scrambled eggs.

I was super hungry but his meal came first. came with sunny side up. We highlighted the mistake but it is too petty so we will just swap it when my meal comes. It looks like the tomatoes are I sort of fight for it. 

Mr.Prince Charming loves a top view so here is how he captured his plate. I like the tomatoes and mushrooms. The toasts are possibly made there coz I don't recall the taste yea,they most likely baked it themselves.

My meal finally came....the waitress mentioned "Your mashed potato will come in abit". I just nodded. I seriously thought my plate came with mashed potatoes. T__T My dish was fine. I don't like the biscuit but surprisingly I finished the greens! It tasted sweet. It could be the raspberry jam. The chicken is a little bland for my liking. Others on the plate are fine. Here's how I like my plate captured.

Since I don't know if it will look better from the top, I took one shot as well. just incase.

Before I conclude this post with a receipt, I NEED to say that I'm unhappy with this cafe.....harsh?I hope not. Why?

They served the teapot of tea and the mug but not the sugar and teaspoon. 
They served the wrong type of eggs to us...
They got our orders wrong! I wanted garlic tomatoes! They gave me mashed potatoes..WTH
And I didn't know it was all wrong because I am not familiar with their menu!

When I asked for the bill, they took sooo long to send me the bill. I placed the notes right away but they decided to clear the dirty plates first but did not return for the bill. I just couldn't stand being there any longer so I walked to the cashier to pay.

The cashier gave me a weary look. What now?
She said "Do you have small change?Like 10..10..10..?" (The bill was RM85.20 and I gave her RM100).
Serious?!?!?! And it was lunch time...not 10am in the morning and there are soooo many banks around the mall! I wondered what do I do...that's the only cash I have the end, she dug some and gave me the change in RM1. "=.=

Will I revisit? Don't think so.....I'll probably try G3 or Marmalade breakfast if I crave for breakfast plates...Not quite worth the price I paid left us both with very uneasy feeling; extreme disappointment!

If you would like to give this cafe a shot, the following are the details:
Address : UGF-28A, Bangsar Village 2,
No. 2, Jalan Telawi 1,
Bangsar Baru.
5911 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel : 03-2201 3883
Fax : 03-2202 3662

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