Friday, February 29, 2008

Catching Up!

Guess what?
I actually reached the office at 715am today...just to finish some stuff.
Well,not actually finish as in 100% finish....juz 50% of the list of items given to me.
All this is due to the fact that the users are juz plainly users...everything must be perfectly set up for them therefore they dun even have to create things from scratch...

I'm only at 32% so....18% more to go to reach 50%.Dat'z the figure the leader gave me so i better dig out all the seconds i've got to meet the goal...well, i aim to give 53% ...see how.

Tonite..i wanna get to my electone and play it like mad...and of coz practice some pronouciation stuff :) :) :)

Mmm...what am i doing here????LOL *jet off*

Thursday, February 28, 2008

IT Confusion State

Here I am...confused (again....)
Why am I alwayz in confusion? Well, on top of the list is alwayz the part of me which wants to know all and be good in all..while being good at hardly anything right now. *sighhhh*

So..what'z the confusion about this time? Keyword : IT, job, SAP, Java and Oracle.

Main aim :
1. Project Manager
2. DBA @ PRo-programmer :p
3. Trainer (this might be it when i'm down with many kids and a husband..planning is good rite?)

List of interest (in whatever order)
Interest 1 : SAP
Reason : HUGE demand, anywhere in the world....going places...more towards
customization rather than building i guess.It also looks like a complete system..
well it should be rite?
Concern : How long will it last being strong in the market?

Interest 2 : Oracle
Reason : Pretty good demand..i'v spent my dad's RM1.5k on the training but did not take
the certification exam...didn't really get what the instructor was taking about and
my stuff did not work they did the hands-on thingy so i dunno what i know :(
Concern : I will have to dig out time to read both volumnes of the books...DBA carries pretty
HUGE data data info info info...

Interest 3 : Java
Reason : Many companies moving towards freeware thingy..and it could also work on SAP
thingy now. Looks interesting...well,i admit it IS interesting as long as i know what
thing to use and how to implement it. LOL.
Concern : Needs lotsa lotsa hands-on and patient people to guide me and get me up and

Redken - Scalp Relief

For those who wants clear scalp, i recommend Redken - Scalp Relief. Don't get it wrong. It is Redken new shampoo for anti-dandruff and the bottle is white.
Up to today, i've been using it for about 2 week plus and it is working great :) Thank god...

Where to buy : Shins and some other hair salons
Price : ~RM43

Trust me. I've tried lotsa shampoos..from the ones in the supermarket shelves to the ones in the salon shelves...hahaha

List of anti-dandruff shampoos i've tried :

1. Pantene
2. Head & Shoulders
3. Sunsilk ( never ever use this; hair falls like crazeeeeeee )
3. Redken ( prev anti-dandruff shampoo; black bottle )
4. Lakme ( it would make ur scalp drier...atleast mine... )

Well, that'z all for shampoo story. :)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Musical Mood ~~~Tralalalala

Dunno what has got into me...suddenly i'm super into music...yea...again..LOL
My electone books are back in my room..the electone bench is back to where the electone is instead of the ironing board or the dresser.

Found the acapella group in KL named six2eight..thought of joining..emailed the manager and he siad they look for people from time to time...question now is; would my parents approve?Will i have all the time in the world to do everything?Will i fit in?The manager didn't mention anything about having a good voice...he only mentioned "......and a voice that can blend. An attitude that is not afraid of performing in front of audiences and able to deliver a song are helpful, though these can be developed." ;)

Rite now...since last fri i've been having Marie Digby's songs in my ears at work and at home.LOL..Now i have the playlist on my blog...hihihi

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Marié Digby

Marié Digby...never heard of her b4...yea i'm so outdated.
Well,i bumped into her clips on youtube when i was youtubing on some BSB live concerts.Have to admit that they are good :)
Marié Digby....her voice caught my attention and keep me wanting to listen to more.
Then i discovered her myspace...followed by her facebook. :)
Thought of getting her album...couldn't get it anywhere; it will only be out on the 8th of April this year....duhhhhhhh LOL
Well,you might ask why don't i just pre-order...1st,it will be in US dollars..which is like 4 times Malaysian currency...2ndly they might have more songs like...some bonus tracks over the i sometimes wait til the time comes to buy.LOL

For the time being,I'll keep hitting this site; to keep on listening to her songs.Wish i could play my electone like how she plays her guitar...and of coz i wish i could reach the notes like she could.Nvm...i'll keep practicing.Hihi

Marié Digby on facebook :

The National Library

Now and Then
First time i've been in the National Library was when i was about 8 years old.
Was taken there by my dad. He had to do some research on something i guess.
He left me at the childrens' library...gawd knows for how many hours.
The books there were pretty old back then.Hardly found anything i'm interested in.LOL.
And yeah..i was all alone. No siblings with cousins and no friends. :(

2nd time i was there...i was 15 years old; had to get my Geography or History researh paper done. Was with a few friends. I'm sure my bestfriend Al is one of them.Stuff there were of coz old....LOL And there were alot of teenagers and people in their 20's.Probably some university students.

Many more times.....can't remember...but i'm sure itz for my research paper (again...).
And yeah..i only remember being there with my bestfriend Al.The very last time i went with her was when i was 17.Think i was studying for my SPM (Malaysian O Level).Was with Al and her sis.We "rented" the was meant for 2 only so her sis didn't get to come in.After around 30mins of checking into the cube..we secretly drag her sis with us.LOL...and we brought in food.Dunno why we did that....hahaha

I've only been there with my bf once....can't remember why we went here....but i had to wait for him to line up and register and renew my membership.The line at the library was forever long back then so whoever who is not a member and plans to go to the library,they'll go very early in the morning..*sigh*

My very recent visit is yesterday (23rd Feb 2008) just cause my bro wants to go so very was already 230pm when we left home and i prayed hard the line won't be long.I hate waiting!!!Anyway, the admin changed already!!Thank god.Everything is more organized now.they have a counter where you can enquire about stuff and take the number for you to queue and about 4 counters to handle registration *phew*
I renewed my membership and my bro got himself registered.Each costs RM1 each.

Since he is only 11 years old...we have to go to the childrens' looks more like a nursery to me...and at times it looks like a playground..not that it only looks that also sounds that come no one ensures the kids behave like how they have to behave in a library???????I sat at one corner..opened my Unix book and turned on my iPod(Thank god 4 d iPod).what i observed was...girls would sit at a table and read some story books or get their homeworks done while the boys run around the library and make lotsa noise.The range of age of girls who made noise was between 3 to 6 years old.Boys???99% with the age between 4 to 11 years old....funny.The maturity level is very obvious and the difference is pretty big.

Some parents just leave their children there.Some stayed with their children.I see it as a great thing that the parents encourage their children to read; Malaysians hardly read!!!!However, with children missing almost one every month..i believe it is best if the parents could keep an eye on their children all the time especially if their children are girls;the culprit seems to aim girls... :(

Overall view
The admin has definitely improved.
The library is more or less like how i remembered it.
The childrens' library has better collection. The facilities were upgraded too.
I hope they would provide free wi-fi soon; Starbucks could..why can't the National Library,rite?


My 23rd February

Thought the day started well...boy was i wrong :(

Ran some errands

Sang few songs on the karaoke system.

Picked up my youngest bro from his tuition class.
Took my youngest bro to the National Library just cause he wanted to go so much; had to keep my eyes wide open....yeah i have no sense of direction...thank god i reached the library without getting lost. *phew*
Read some chapters of SAMS Teach Yourself Unix in 10 minutes.
Discovered someone ran into the side of my car (passenger side)...*sighhhh*
That practically ruinned my day :(
It won't cost much to get it fixed..juz that the door is a lil it dented so it needs to be knocked from the inside...gawd knows when will i get it done.I dunno which idiotic doesn't know how to drive a car..
Well,if you can't handle a big car, get small car.
If you can't handle a small car, get yourself a motorbike.
If you can't handle anything...just use public transportation.
Nuff said!

A Brand New Beginning

Letz see what'z nice about blogging.
So..i guess i'll start here and see if i can keep on posting ;)

Objectives :
  • Express how i feel about things around me.
  • Share my experiences with those who even bothers to read my stuff.
  • Improve my writing skills and of course English! :)

Why do i have to have objectives in the first place?Keep coming back to understand me better ;)