Thursday, September 4, 2008

Today?Wasn't it yesterday?OR was it the day before?

I hate

Well..not completely.

My daily routine as of now.(in detail :p)
-Wake up.
-Help mum with breakfast.
-Wake my broz.
-Eat breakfast.
-Read book.
-Bathe..think what to wear while doing so.
-Get dressed to work.(face cream,legs cream..clothes,brush my hair,put on my lotion,powder my face,a lil bit of crayon :p and finally spritz some perfume)
-Leave house...lock the door and gate.
-Enter my car.
-Turn on the radio.
-Turn on the aircond.
-Lock the door if it doesn't get locked.
-Cram in between cars on the road.
-Pray hard there is atleast one parking space left in the open carpark behind the client building.
-Enter the carpark.
-Park my car.
-Turn off the engine.
-Lock the steering.
-Lock the door.
-Turn on the alarm.
-Walk towards the building.
-Call my bf who is still soundly asleep.
-Take the lift up.
-Tag myself at the main door.
-Tag myself at the Consultant Lab door.
-Take out my latop.Turn it on.
-Take out my mouse, LAN cable and power adapter.
-Connect the LAN cable and mouse.
-Connect the power adapter.
-Log into my laptop.
-Log into Ms Outlook.
-Launch many other stuff :p
-Pack my stuff.Tag myself out of the building.
-Pay the parking ticket while praying hard i have enough change.
-Drive home.
-Wash my hands,face and feet.
-change into comfy clothes.
-Eat dinner.
-Clean up table.

Well,not gonna bore u anymore...
i'm bored typing the boring routines already *sighhhh*

Anyhow, i juz wanna say that somethings are TOO routinely(is there such word?) done that we tend to not know whether i've done it today or not.

E.g. I went to the loo juz now..had to tag myself out and stuff...but i don't remember taggin myself in before that juz coz i've done it every single day.
Everytime i leave the seat, i wonder if i've packed all my stuff into my bag.
Everytime i locked my car and walk away...i wonder if i've already really locked my car...or was it yesterday that i did so.
Urgh....signs of ageing? I don't think so.
Signs of too repeatedly done? Absoloutely YES!

The good thing about doing routine stuff is...u're familiar with them and tend to do it well....
As for my trouble about not being productive at my previous role...

i found a quote for myself :

"While you are crossing the chasm, you are unproductive because you are in unfamiliarterritory." - Joe Walker -


I believe itz true but i tend to forget sometimes.....

Happened when i was 14. A group of senior picked on me. A girl is the bus said things about me. A very odd-looking guy is the bus is hitting on me and singing my name; i find it very embarrassing. A 12-year-old boy was into me that he gets red everytime i pass by. So odd.

Conclusion : Wasn't the time of my life and i sooo didn't feel like going to school. Told a lil to my parents...juz the teeny weeny bit.

My dad's advice : Things will be solved on its own.
My thoughts when he said that : What?Do nothing and it gets solved?
My actions : I did nothing but walk like i normally do..where ppl who doesn't me too well will say that i'm arrogant..but anyhow,that is juz my way off keeping funny ppl off my way. :)

My current situation (which is weeks ago)
I got into another role in another project. Sort of a role i wanted to get my hands on.I thought i could do well...but i believe i did not; produced hardly any outcomes at all :(Anyhow, i was initially happy that i got the chance to work with a bunch of seniors. I foresee myself learning more than anyone else around me. Plus, this project is sort of one-of-itz-kind and there are getting it patented..and im proud to say im part of it.

However, things didn't go so well; didn't really bond well with the team mate im supposed to work with..i see that she's too rough and at times to harsh...and it is already demotivating me enough that i'm not productive. To have someone pick on u and make u look even worse in front of others collapsed my motivation even more.This went on for many weeks til i ended up counting the number of weeks i have left til i roll-off from this project.

Well, i normally don't count unless it is not making me feel comfortable anymore. My supervisor,i understand her situation so i truly understand the times when she got pissed. :My boyfriend, he tend to tell me some solutions i could take but anyhow,i didn't do it coz i either do not have the gutz to do it or i don't want things to get i did all my way.
Here'z what i did...i tried to lower down my temper and not think too much about her remarks. I tried talking to her nicely and i tried my very best not to bug her.

The result : She apologized.
Rationale : Don't do anything. Did i propose anything?No. I guess i played her game with juz 1 less point if u get what i mean. She wants to win, let her win. There's nothing as the grand prize anyway. :p So why bother rite? I'm no longer a kid so for those who wants to act like one...up2u. I do not have time for this. I have other objectives in life.
Present situation : We are better friends...well i guess it is juz harder for 2 stubborn ppl to bond that easily.

Some things in life could be simple.I said SOME...not ALL.

Guess my dad's advice is applicable and it is not impossible esp when it is a prob which is not too big.Well, if u wanna be smarter, u definitely gotta do somehting. The knowledge won't just fall from the sky for you to answer your exam questions. That's for my broz who thinks that they could do well w/o reding a single word a day. *sigh*