Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Essential Appliances

Essential is another subjective word. It all depends on the individuals. What triggered this subject?

Well, ever since I'm living in the attic I always fine tune the way I live. Up til now I still eat out a lot with my husband. Trying to cut this down. I gotta admit time most of the time doesn't permit.

We have gone from no pantry to having a fridge. Then to microwave to sandwich maker...electric kettle..mini grill and latest addition, the toaster. :)

Another one on the way is a multi-cooker I bumped into on some deals website. That will allow me to boil my edamame, steam my BBQ paus, fry some simply fried rice and my favourite omelette maybe ;)

What I wish to have is still my own house. What would be good to have right now is a washing machine and drying area :p sounds almost like a house in the attic! Anyhow, still not enough space!!! Lol! Space is always an issue for me I guess. Never had a room big enough. It is always just the rift size for a bedroom set and a spot to pray and that's it! I have more in the attic we there are 2 of us and we practically make a house in the room so yea....not enough :p

What I consider as essential items(apart from lights and fans and water pump):

Washing machine
Microwave oven
Vacuum cleaner

That's pretty much it. No, I don't have tv on my list. I don't need it. :p To be normal like everyone else, fine I'll have it on my list. At the very bottom that is. Pfffftt

P/s: Juz feel the need to blab!

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It Ends Tonight

The clock juz said "Itz zero hours". We are officially out of 10th June. Officially a month from 10th May. Juz the reason why I am feeling this way. I know I am not wrong when I said my birthday lasts one month this year. For that, I am thankful.

Thankful that I felt like my birthday.

Thankful for the experience I had in the clear water with all the beautiful fishes.
Thankful for being able to have my feet on the smooth powdery white sands that I normally juz get to see in pictures.
Thankful for the time spent with the kids at work on my birthday.
Thankful for the bouquet of flowers I get this year. (The first bouquet since Dec 2010!)
Thankful for the oh-so-many birthday meals. Well it may not all classify as birthday meals but heck! It was near my birthday and it is pricey! People don't really eat pricey meals everyday.

Anyhow, unlike any fairy tales happiness period ends tonight. Bittersweet feeling.
I gotta say I will more likely write a post when I'm feeling very low rather than on top of the world. The feeling has to go somewhere and here I am calming myself down.

I came home early for you. That's my effort.
I asked to come to bed early. That's my effort coz I know I change gears very slowly.

I sometimes despise the word effort coz it is non-measurable. Even at work, I really have no idea how they count it! do we have 8hours per head at work or 24hours at work and 36hours a day? :p

Too late to be calling anybody to talk about nothing now......so back to me,myself and I.

Is this surprising?
It isn't but odd that I am still not prepared when I have foreseen this!
(I believe I have a very forgiving soul that I can be sold, man!)