Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday; 21052012

Money taker : Typo
Payment term : Cash
Total damage : RM25 (RM100 came from Prince's pocket. Thank u darling!)

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday; 20052012

Money taker : Sireh Pinang, Subang Parade
Payment term : Credit card
Total damage : RM250.00

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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Best Lip Balm in the World

Here's the best for lips!

What makes it the best you may ask. It moistures and it repairs. Not quite sure if they are many women have allergies to certain ingredients in lipsticks and it's sisters but I do. That would mean I can't wear those with perfume and haws knows what else :(
Buuuuut a woman is a woman an being a woman won't be complete if you can't feel pretty so the stubborn me still hunts and buy lipsticks. Why put on a dull face when they are soooo many colours to brighten up ur look, right?
Anyway, I discovered this is awesome when my usual Bobbi Brown lipstick irritated my lips *sighhhh* Palmer's Lip Butter came to rescue and it worked awesomely that I went barefaced with it to London. (If you like blackforrest flavour, u will def like this!)
That was when it went missing. Had to settle with Vaseline. Not too bad but it doesn't have the awesome effect as Palmer's Lip Butter. The great thing about Vaseline is it has tint so lipstick. :p
Hmmmm now that I have Palmer's in my hands again, I need to look for my lipsticks. Miss having colourrrrssss. ;)
Malaysia doesn't have this in store! If I need more, I will need to place my order in UK. *smirk*

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