Friday, August 30, 2013

Nutmeg, Bangsar Village 2

Mr.Prince Charming suggested going to this cafe a number of weeks ago after he read a review on one of the top malaysian food blog. As usual, before we hit to the cafe, I'll google to look for more reviews and find someone to drool upon. Seems fine. We drooled over the breakfast

Since it is just in Bangsar...we dropped by to check it out.
These were on the table. The salt&pepper bottles are soooo cute!

I like their decor!

Here is what the place looks like during lunch hour. Decent. There are of coz a lot of women catching up with friends and tralalalalala. I always envy them coz they always appear like as if they don't have to go to work. hahaha

Here is a lil peep on the menu. The first waiter who waited our table asked if it was our first time and briefed us about what's not available on the menu and what would take long to prepare. I would say it was a good intro.

I ordered Southern Fried Breakfast with sides; garlic tomatoes while Mr.Prince Charming ordered  Nutmeg Big Breakfast. His plate came with lamb sausage. We DO NOT eat lamb so we replaced it with potatoes. I requested my meal to come with sunny side up while he went for scrambled eggs.

I was super hungry but his meal came first. came with sunny side up. We highlighted the mistake but it is too petty so we will just swap it when my meal comes. It looks like the tomatoes are I sort of fight for it. 

Mr.Prince Charming loves a top view so here is how he captured his plate. I like the tomatoes and mushrooms. The toasts are possibly made there coz I don't recall the taste yea,they most likely baked it themselves.

My meal finally came....the waitress mentioned "Your mashed potato will come in abit". I just nodded. I seriously thought my plate came with mashed potatoes. T__T My dish was fine. I don't like the biscuit but surprisingly I finished the greens! It tasted sweet. It could be the raspberry jam. The chicken is a little bland for my liking. Others on the plate are fine. Here's how I like my plate captured.

Since I don't know if it will look better from the top, I took one shot as well. just incase.

Before I conclude this post with a receipt, I NEED to say that I'm unhappy with this cafe.....harsh?I hope not. Why?

They served the teapot of tea and the mug but not the sugar and teaspoon. 
They served the wrong type of eggs to us...
They got our orders wrong! I wanted garlic tomatoes! They gave me mashed potatoes..WTH
And I didn't know it was all wrong because I am not familiar with their menu!

When I asked for the bill, they took sooo long to send me the bill. I placed the notes right away but they decided to clear the dirty plates first but did not return for the bill. I just couldn't stand being there any longer so I walked to the cashier to pay.

The cashier gave me a weary look. What now?
She said "Do you have small change?Like 10..10..10..?" (The bill was RM85.20 and I gave her RM100).
Serious?!?!?! And it was lunch time...not 10am in the morning and there are soooo many banks around the mall! I wondered what do I do...that's the only cash I have the end, she dug some and gave me the change in RM1. "=.=

Will I revisit? Don't think so.....I'll probably try G3 or Marmalade breakfast if I crave for breakfast plates...Not quite worth the price I paid left us both with very uneasy feeling; extreme disappointment!

If you would like to give this cafe a shot, the following are the details:
Address : UGF-28A, Bangsar Village 2,
No. 2, Jalan Telawi 1,
Bangsar Baru.
5911 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel : 03-2201 3883
Fax : 03-2202 3662

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Friday, August 16, 2013

The Last Polka@Whisk, Empire Subang

When you are bored with the commercialized ice-cream, give the homemade ones a shot. The last time I dropped by Whisk was about a year or two ago for their cakes. This time, my brother in-law introduced me to The Last Polka. Being the noob me, I have not heard of this but the packaging looks nice. Guess this could be Fat Baby's rival. ;)

There are quite a number of flavours. I settled with Salted Gula Melaka because I love gula Melaka and it reminds me of salted caramel.

Deep dark chocolate is my hudband's and Horlicks is apparently what my bro in-law always go for.

Of all 3 we ordered, mine is the BEST! Deep dark choc is bitter for my liking and I have a feeling my bro in-law might switch to Salted Gula Melaka after this. :p

Pink Stacks; new flavour they have in the list but was not lucky enough to try it as it was already sold out. Better luck next time j guess.

The damage?

Us fooling around cozy he interior decor is nice.

For those who has never been to Whisk, enjoy the 2 pics below. Address is at the bottom of this post.

Wanna know more about The Last Polka? Go to

Other flavours to drool after:
French Toast
Strawberry Cream Cheese
Teh Tarik
Green Tea
Malt and Peanut Butter

Whisk@Empire Subang
LG 3A, Empire Shopping Gallery
Jalan SS16/1,
Subang Jaya
47500 Selangor.
Tel: 03-5022 2060

Whisk, Outpost
G139, 1 Utama Shopping Center,
1, Lebuh Bandar Utama,
Petaling Jaya.
47800 Selangor.
Tel: 03-7722 1020

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