Thursday, July 31, 2008

"A Step Into A New World" or "An Extension of Ever After"

Some reads. Many doesn't. Some writes. Some reads but do not write. Some other doesn't read and doesn't write. In the era we are in now, it may not be easy to completely not read at all; we read news..blogs..magazines of our interest and many more. However, when it comes to writing, it is no longer related to pen-n-papers. Why do i say so? Well, there are many people who has started blogging and share their thoughts with others. Many of us many no longer write in the so-called old fashion diary and some guys would find it sissy. However, when it comes to blogging, it is as simple as typing what u feel, think or crap about. I'm not sure if i have a reader at all but i enjoy doing this; blogging. I don't call it blogging though. I call it talking and letting things out of my head while jotting it down(incase i wanna recall about a subject matter in the future). Yeah..i'm a just-incase kind of person.

Here's the thing. I've always thought of writing books...or atleast short stories. What i believe is, you may be smart or an expert in a particular area but you are not contributing anything if you do not share it with anyone. Therefore, i think in the end...someday...i will end up writing or be a trainer or lecturer somewhere. When the time comes, i hope my knowledge is sufficient enough to be shared with other people. :)

As of now, lemme jot down what i had in mind.

Idea #1
What? Write a thriller book....vampire and murder kind of thing...
When? 11-12 years old
Influence? Too much of Fear Streets and a lil bit of Goosebumps...LOL ^_^ good ol days.

Idea #2
What? Write a testing book for testers or soon-to-be testers who have just stepped out of uni.
When? Mid 2007 when i was surviving in an R&D company; my first job.
Influence? The challenges i faced and the things i have seen from what i went through.

Idea #3
What? A step into life...where i get to share my experience in certain events in my life;just to share so that people out there would have a lil bit of idea what they might have to face or go through shall they have to go through the similar experience.
When? Few months back...and present ;)
Influence? I just would like to share and would like others to share too...Incase i have to experience something, i won't be feeling so odd.

Idea #4
What? A continuity of kids' favorites....or ....
When? Just few hours ago... :p
Influence? I hate it when happy ending ends with "...happily ever after.." and i also do not feel satisfied when good movie just ends without showing what happens after the happy ending..I WANNA SEE ALL!!! pretty hard to pleased sometimes.Lol

Though i've yet to start writing a single word, i managed to dig out my head and extract these two elements of writing a book out.

1. Editor; gonna pick my English language lover fwen; Intono Zanaryono..sounds Japanese aite?
I had once asked her about being my editor IF i happen to write. Her answer was Yes...and she would charge based on the number of mistakes i make..Haaiihhh....Is that how editors charge the writers?Well,i guess it is better than profit sharing so Intono, sure...u may charge that way and since i'm your so-called childhood fwen..maybe u could gimme a lil bit of discount. ;) Thanks in advance.

2. Illustrator; shall i write a children book..this element is crucial! She is none other than my own cousin. She loves arts and stuff...and i've seen some of her its her. I've asked her and she said "No problem. Anytime."

Wonderful eh?Well, the laast but super crucial element;Publisher. I'll think about that later when i'm extremely serious and have atleast written a lil short story.

Letz see when will i REALLY have some peaceful mind and time to sit down and draft something.In the meantime, itz never wrong for me to dream more about things around me.


Since i overspent on books a few months ago, i vowed not to buy anymore books atleast til end of this year. I still crave for'z what i usually do;
1. Jot down the Title and the Author of the book which caught my eye
2. Add to my VisualBookshelf application on Facebook under the category "Want To Read".
This way, i would have the books listed somewhere incase i forgot all about it when i have the money to spend and no more books to read.

Alternatives : Log into ebook websites.

Free eBook sources :


Enjoy!!!Thank me later...i dun mind a Starbucks JavaChips or Choc Cream Chip as a treat ;)
Or...u can also opt to get me a book ;)

Note : Do inform if there are other good sources. Thanks in advance.

Items waiting for my bucks *sigh*

The following are the items waiting for my bucks :p They have been on my list for quite some time now but Mr. and Mrs Bucks..together with their kids are yet to arrive into my bank account...haaaiiihhhh Most of the time..Either Mr. Bucks or Mrs. Bucks would come...never together or with their kids though. :(

Anyway, here are the items i've had my eyes on ;)

1. iPod radio remote $209
2. Crocs (red) $130
3. Bathroom scale $80*
4. Country-looking frames for my room as deco items $120*
5. Floor lamp $600*
6. StriVectin $400
7. Hair Serum $100*

*Max i would spend on item

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

i Quit!

Was re-organizing stuff on and in my dresser....started coz i've been wanting to do so but haven't got into the right mood at the right time. Anyway, here are the things i wanna quit buying this year! :p

List Of Items Not-2-Buy Til Next Year
1. Books and mags unless i extremely need it and the virtual one is either could not be found or not satisfying.
2. Shower gels....I've lined up the bottles and i have 3 new ones; 1 from Beauti Control and 2 from Body Shop.Will only buy if and only if they are all finished!
3. Hair scrunchie; they are only used once in awhile coz i prefer the hairband.
4. Pens and pencils and highlighters and ...... Barely use them anymore plus i've got plenty. ;)
5. Blank floppy electone uses them to keep the accompaniment for the music...anyhow..i think i have like a dozen blank i better not buy anymore.
6. Necklace,bracelet and earrings which are made of nickel. When can i ever resist buying those cheap ones and out my skin at risk?(I'm allergic to nickel)...With this, i believe i shall just buy either gold or silver. The latter is more affordable and i alwayz have my eyes on Tiffany & Co's stuff and also Perlini's Silver. So far,Tous has yet to be on my list...teddies doens't appear appealing to me that much...simple is nice and easy to care for :)As for gold, i'll stick to white gold as much as i could afford them coz i dun like yellow or rose gold. Other than that, gold has got value over time..IF i ever wanna sell them back...i'd get more $$$.

Will put in more stuff not-to-buy if i could find

Monday, July 28, 2008

The $2 difference between my bro & i

Here'z a $2 story for today.
Here'z also the story of an extreme cheapskate.

There's a cobbler nearby my house. He has been there since we moved into the neighbourhood which is in the year 1998. He has done very good work and i believe some ppl know him too.
As for me, i won't drop by unless there's a desperation.

Everyone knows it is not easy to find a pair of formal-looking shoes...say pumps or courtshoes.
I bought my first pair for this year for $109. Not too expensive and I believe it would last atleast 1 year. However, the tar road proved me wrong. It only lasted for 6months. Plus, it got soaked in a rainy day. What happened to it? I had to dump it and get another pair of shoes when I really wanted to buy some other things.*sighhhh*

My second pair of shoes....As expected;hard-to-find-the-one-i'm-happy-and-comfortable-with.
I ended up with quite a cheap pair but of a better level of brand and quality at ~$60 after 50% discount. ;) It comes with an extra pair of heels. It gave me the impression that the heels won't last long when i first saw it and boy was i right. It last only for 2.5months. Just now, i went down my apartment and hunt for the cobbler to get it fixed. I asked if it would take long. He said no. I waited juz 5mins and tada!Its done.

Guess how much he charged?$1!!!I was like "Whhhoooaaaaa!!!Who in da world would charge that low??!?!?!?!You've got to be kidding man!!" Well anyway,those were in my head.LOL.

I had no small change so i ended up giving money to the shop next to it for a ballpen which cost $2.20...Even a pen costs more..Wth.Unbelievable. I gave him $ feels so bad...ya know...juz $1....super cheapskate.

Here'z when my bro comes in. He knows that cobbler pretty well coz he has chatted with him when he repaired his shoes. There was once when this guy charged him $2, he bargained so the cobbler just charged him $1. My bro is unbelievably extremely CHEAPSKATE!!!Forgodsake..itz just $2...U can't even get a nice ballpen at $2.*ssiiggghhhh*

As for me, i dun mind if he even charges me $3.

The rationale :

1. A new pair of shoes would costs approximately $50 (if i'm lucky enough)
2. I sent my shoes for repair and pay him $3.He gains $3. I save $47.

What more is there to ask for?Forgodsake, nothing is free in this world. I'm super duper thankful they don't charge me for the air that i breathe coz if they do, i won't even last for a day.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

It is worthied :)

Many would say/think it is a waste of money when u spend more than $25 just to get a haircut. As for me, i believe it is worthied as long as u spent it at the rite hair salon. :)

Usually i would spend atleast $40 on my haircut...however,if it is more than $80 then no way.LOL

Why i would say is it worthied.
- Their junior stylist is also good...satisfaction guaranteed.
- Better hair products used (Keratase, Redken, Big Head and etc.)
- Their scissors are sharp...blunt ones could cause split ends!
- They examine your hair as they handle it and give u tips on how you could improve your hair condition or the damage which already exist.
- They know the best shape ;)
- I worry 0% cause i know it will be good :)

Happiness == invaluable :D

Saturday, July 26, 2008


Some may want it big. Some may want it in the outskirt. Some may want it with balconies.

Well...lemme low down what i have in thinkbox(brain) and chestbox(heart).
I'm yet to decide in what kind of property i wanna get;landed or mid-air :p

Definitely or atleast a double storey semi-D or a bungalow with some land plz.

Double Storey Bungalow
-enough rooms for the kids
-1 lil tiny hse for the maid so that i dun have to keep her in my hse.
-1 room for laundrette
-1 study room/library
-1 store room
-1 guest room
-a porch which could fit atleast 3 cars
-big lawn for the kids to run around and for me to have nice flowers

Double Storey Semi-D
-enough rooms for the kids..2kids in 1 room max
-1 room for laundrette
-1 study room
-1 store room
-a porch whoch could fit atleast 2 cars

You might ask what's with the double storey thingy. Well, itz juz coz all my life i've been living in double storey bungalow and semi-ds but currently my family n i are living in 4-rooms apartment..and trust me. When u have more than 3 kids, itz a bad idea to live in an apartment. Go get alteast 2-story terraced house. Lemme list down the reaons.

List of reasons :
1. It is had to study when everywhere u go hear noises...therefore it is not a good surrounding to fill up ur brains with knowledge.U may not need to but ur kid surely does.
2. Itz crazee when everywhere u go u will see someone....haihhhh
3. When u do stuff in ur unit, it could be heard in other units as about p.r.i.v.a.c.y.
4. Everyone sees u come in or go out.
5. When u've got guest, the word p.r.i.v.a.c.y. is definitely out of the webster already.
6. There's hardly anywhere to put ur stuff...esp when u're a girl like me.
7. When u wanna do something with ur hse, u gotta get permission fromt he management first...wth..we are not even asking for their bucks.

Either itz an apartment/condo or a lil landed property.

-atleast 3 rooms;laundry,bedroom and study.
-atleast 2 parking spaces.
-max 4 units per that even possible?LOL

Lil Landed Property
-gated and guarded or atleast has good comes first.
-atleast 3 room.(refer above)
-not too close to the next house...thanks

Here are the things i want for sure.
1. Study room to have a big bookshelf built up from floor to ceiling, 1daybed by the window, 1 nice study table and maybe has flowery wallpaper.
2. Get the bathrooms remodeled to my comfort level. :p
3. Living room in comtemporary style. 1 nice couch(chesterfield maybe?or nice comfy sofa?) , 1 med-size rug, 1 big bean bag, nice sound system, 1 nice coffee table and the rest i'll figure out later....
4. The bedroom is definitely having country style..either english or victorian. :) 1 1-seater couch at the corner of the room. :)

Guess i better stop before i get stuck in my dream nest which is yet to exist.

Friday, July 25, 2008

$$$ Matters

A. Mileage Claim (as of now)

Distance from home to project site : 36KM
Distance from home to main office : 4KM
Therefore mileage claimable : 28KM

1KM --> $1
28KM --> $28

1day --> $28
1mth --> $28 * 20 = $560

Therefore, minimum mileage claim per month = $560

B. OT Meal Allowance

Requirement : Atleast 2hours of OT

1 OT Meal Allowance --> $12
2 days per week with OT --> $24

1 month --> 8days of OT
--> $12 * 8 = $96

C. Total Claims per month

Mileage --> $560
OT Allowance --> $ 96
TOTAL --> $656

D. Total Pay

Basic Pay (after deduction of EPF and etc..) --> $1947.50
Claims --> $ 656.00
TOTAL --> $2603.50

E. Expenses/Debts/Loans & etc

Monthly parking fee at project site --> $ 80
Mom --> $ 200
Electone --> $ 230
Car --> $ 300
Handphone --> $ 100
Petrol --> $ 200
Class --> $ 460
Food --> $ 200
Study loan --> $ 300
Zakat --> $ 22
TOTAL --> $2092


Minimum per month income --> $2500
Minimum fixed expenses --> $2092
Amount of $$$ for author --> $ 408

I'd be lucky if i REALLY get the $408 to usually doesn't go as i calculated...too many essential unexpected expenses :(

E.g. In the month on July

Mom's bday present --> $ 300
Contact and specs --> $ 603
Teammate's farewell --> $ 30
Lil cousin's bday --> $ 30
TOTAL --> $ 963

Expected "Unexpected" expenses for the month of August

Lunch treat --> $ 150
Haircut --> $ 80
Shoes --> $ 150 (REALLY hope i dun have to spend for this..
i plan to get a pair of Crocs, not another pair
of boring working shoes...hope i can juz get
the heels replaced at some cobbler nearby my hse.)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


No biggie...juz bumped into quite a complete restaurant/ food outlets it is

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Revealed be more precise today 18th July 2008...gawd knows how long has it been since my first post.But i just revealed what i've written to my bf...there u have it honey. It is all written or rather typed here...all the things i may or may not have told you before. Honestly, there's hardly any secrets just some silly thoughts...and dreams...and angers...or sorrows...and of coz dissappointments and frustrations i have along the way.

Bear with me as you read.
Keep your cool. Thanks.

Love u alwayz.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I Wish Upon A Star

Last nite, i went to the airport to send my dad off to London. It'z been awhile since i last went to the airport. I miss departuring from the country. I miss getting on the plane. I miss looking for my seat in the plane. I miss the smell in the plane....haihh....When will i ever get on the plane again. That gave me the idea of going to either Melbourne or Sydney next year. The money part, I'll think about it later. LOL!

On my way to the airport, i looked up into the sky just coz itz been soooo long since i actually see what's above the sky. I've been too into my routine activities everyday; Go to work-Lunch-Go home-Chat on the phone-Sleep. When i saw there are a lot of stars in the sky twinkling, i realized itz been sooooooooo very long since i've last seen stars especially that many. I kinda think that i've forgotten they exist. Sad eh? I saw a scorpio :) The rest, i can't tell...not that i remember every zodiac's sign...Hihi

It may seem nothing that i see stars....but itz been forever since i last saw stars...seeing them twinkling... :) Simply tantalizing!