Thursday, February 25, 2010

Beauty of the word ALONE

Despite the contrary view, the word alone does not necessarily relate to the word loner. It is time that everyone of us view this word from a different angle and see it in a different light.

Being alone does not make you loner. In fact, it could actually show that you are independent and happy. Well, I am not saying that everyone should be alone. That would be against the human nature as we are all made in pairs. Else God won't create Eve for Adam. ;)

Heard of the following quotations before?
"Eagles fly solo" -Unknown-

I normally say this to myself; "I was in my mother's womb alone. Brought to this world alone. I survived."

I am not indicating that I do not need anyone in my life but all of us could actually do well with some time to ourselves. This is what I call me-time. I love hanging out with my friends and spending time with my family but quality me-time is essential for me to keep going and keep myself motivated.

Why me-time is great?
1. It helps you to keep in touch with yourself.
2. It helps you to look at yourself and really identify what is not right.
3. People will most of the time disappoint you and break your heart.
4. Having expectations set on others are no fun. Setting expectations on ourselves goes a loooooonnnggg way.
5. It is zen. ^_^
6. You need not deal with others and free to go with your own will.
7. Things are a lot less complicated when we deal only with one person. :p

To my dear friends, I need you. I love having you guys. I believe most of you love your me-time too. ;) It is great to share our fraction of life with friends, right? Hope you feel the same.

There are times when you REALLY need the other someone to make something in your life happens and let me tell you that that moment sucks and hurts big time. In the end, I know I will have to find me own way to deal with the disappointment so that I can be happy. Why let that lil someone bring you down? You are worth your feelings.

Anyhow, you belong to yourself. Only you can decide how to make yourself happy because you know yourself better than anyone else. Your life is yours. You share it but never give it away. That is how life is. =)

Please take note that I DO NOT write this out of sorrow. I write it to bring myself up and set aside some disappointments I am feeling right now; too personal to be broadcasted. You can continue disappointing me but I have already made up my mind; not to let others bring me down. With that, I have no expectations set what-so-ever because it will hurt me I know.

When I don't mention about something, it shows that it is not significant.
When it is not significant, I no longer think about it.
I no longer think about it because I either don't want it anymore or I do not want it from you anymore. What I want most is to be happy. If no one could make me happy, I will find ways to make myself happy. I know somewhere out there, I have a bunch of friends who can make me happy and I'm grateful. I know for sure I am happy with my family though it may be difficult at times. Guess nothing is as easy in life. =

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Never too late for a resolution

Only 16th February in 2010. That is roughly 47 days since 2009. After Feb, we have 10 more months to go til 2010 ends. Gosh! REALLY can't wait! Guess life will transform by then; whether it goes as planned or it will have a twisted end that will change many lives. Guess we'll just have to wait and see as many things are not within my control.

Anyhow, lemme lay out some resolutions or wishes I've got hanging at the back of my head but didn't have the chance to jot it down! *Thanks,Mr.Work.U've done a great job taking my life away*

1. Settle my credit card bill!
2. Settle my loan with my dad!
3. Have more money $ense.
4. Read more books.
5. Have a larger vocab!
6. Improve my writing style.
7. Take better care of my health and of coz finance!
8. Grow longer hair....or atleast have patience to not cut it short.
9. Have more patience....esp with PEOPLE!*Getting tougher these days :|*
10.Keep in touch with friends as often as possible.
11.Be more domestic whenever possible.
12.Spring clean my room atleast once a month.
13.Talk less. *Is this even possible? :S*
14.Give more to the less fortunate to that i can escape the tax!
15.Pay back my study loan...atleast once in 2 months. =p
16.Lose weight.
17.(There must be more to be added to the list..but i decide not to drain it)

As much as I'd like to put "Lose weight" as my number one resolution....i decide not to coz it has always been number one every year and it doesn't really work so this year..I put it elsewhere on my list. Plus i don't even have time to work towards it. Darn!