Monday, November 30, 2009

I don't get it!!!

Aren't taxi drivers supposed to help ppl get from A to point B and get paid for it? Aren't they driving taxis? What kind of service are these people offering again?

I flagged down a cab yesterday to meet up my bestfriend in midvalley before we head to Amcorp Mall.

Read on the following comverstation exchanged between the driver and I.

Taxi stopped.

Ruz : I'd like to go to midvalley.
Taxi driver : I don't go there.I don't want.
Ruz : Ampark park station then.
Taxi driver : Ok. (with a stupid smirk on his face)

I hopped into the cab and thought about my route coz I felt like waking around the mall before I meet up with my bestfriend so I thought of going to Bangsar station ad hail another cab from there.

Ruz : Could you take me to bangsar let station instead?
Taxi driver : No. Be done with Ampang Park. I don't want to go to the oher area; jam. (the look on his face when he responded made me feel like giving him a tight slap but my hands are too clean to be placed on his face. =p )

I kept quiet and got off at Ampang Park station. And no, I didn't get to go to midvalley. =\

I really wonder :
- WHY can't he take me to somewhere I wanna go to?I'll be paying him bucks.Every km counts. Every second counts!what is his problem???
- If driving passenger sto the place they need to go to isn't the service u are providing, what is? Go to to your house and visit your grandma????!!!!?!?!?
- Who told him to be a taxi driver? I know I didn't. Do Malaysia a favour. Quit driving. Find a job you can sincerely do.

Thank you.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Some lil nothings......on the fly ^_^

If the houses is clean, you must be wasting a lot of time in your life.

Borned I'm expensive. =p

I love my job....It is the work I hate!