Sunday, June 27, 2010

Complimentary Visit to Rene Furterer

Got a chance to experience Rene Furterer for Free. Thank you Accenture! Won a complimentary Hair and Scalp Analysis worth RM80 and on top of that, gets a sample the Myrrhea set range.

As usual, appointment need to be made prior to visit. Booked mine at 11am. By 11am they should be more that ready to accept customers I believe. Anyhow, the consultant was nice. We started with the hair and scalp treatment analysis.

The Analysis
Honestly, it is pretty scarry. I've never seen my scalp or hair texture so upclose! The most I've seen is just like the rest of you; on the mirror! There are 3 parts of the analysis. I can't recall the first one but the last 2 ones are for scalp and hair. I gotta say technology is amazing! I was first registered into their system. Then for each test, the consultant took a shot from 3 parts of the head; front, side and back. After each shot, the image was saved and further explanation was given as to what is shown in the screen. The consultant also explained which product would be suitable for my hair and scalp condition. I'm glad to know that there is no problem with my scalp and hair health!

The Treatment
The complimentary treatment is Complex 5. The treatment started of with neck and shoulder massage. This is to promote better blood circulcation. When done, he applied the essential oil to my scalp and then it on for about 15minutes. The consultant was nice; he used the shampoo suitable for my hair instead of the one which came with the treatment package. When all is done, serum was used before and after blowdry. I normally just let my hair dry on its own so blow drying once in awhile shouldn't do my hair any harm. Compared to the normal hairdresser, the consultant is gentle when he blewdry my hair and no!I didn't feel the heat on my scalp when he did. That's comforting. Maybe because he knows about hair and scalp care.

The visit didn't do much damage to me. I only bought 1 essential oil and a tube of shampoo. Should last quite some time as the essential oil is only used once a week and the shampoo twice a week. Apart from that, the complimentary set was also given. I asked for an extra sample and the consultant gave me another tube of no rinse hair conditioner. =)

Will I visit them again? Yes, for my hair and scalp treatment. Long hair needs extra care. ;) I was worried about my hair when I see atleast one hair on the floor when I brush it. I asked the consultant, he said it is normal to lose 40-100 hair per day. Guess mine is very obvious because it is long and of coz BLACK and THICK! The width of my hair is healthy. =) Tell me, who needs rebonding and colouring? =p
For those who has never heard of Rene Furterer, click here to be introduced.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Kiehl's World Environment Day

Kiehl's celebrated World Environment Day 2010 by giving away recycle bags exclusively designed by the Editors of Glam, Female, NuYou and Eh! For every 2 products purchased, one bag is given. All the bags look pretty esp the one by Glam and Female.

Based on my previous post Kiehler I bought 2 products but not given the bag. My bad. I didn't find out how to get the bag when I bought the products. Guess the salesperson forgot too. I only found out when I checked out their fanpage on Facebook.

One of the admins saw my comment and I was lucky enough to still get one bag reserved! How nice :))

Now that I've gotten my bag, I can show it off! =p For more pictures on Kiehl's World Environment Day, click here.

( Pretty eh? )

Kiehl's Official URL :

Kiehl's Malaysia Fanpage on Facebook :

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Low Mentality

What has the world come into? By the time I'm 30, will all the girls be in lingerie when they leave their house?
I have outgrown my favourite pair of blue jeans. A pair of blue jeans is something essential in everyone's wardrobe (Yes, this includes the males!)

I dropped by KLCC to accompany one of my bestfriends to shop. I wasn't really hunting for a paor of jeans but when Padini is just around the corner, I decided to drop by. Went through a pile of blue jeans and found all of 'em are low-rise. It couldn't be all low-rise, right? I asked the salesperson "Do you have any jeans which is not low-rise?". He replied "No". I was in disbelief so I asked again to confirm. Same answer.

That's so freaking odd. How can you not have anything else? This is the reason why we see butt cracks everywhere. How disgusting. C'mon! Isn't it enoughh that you sell short and tight tees these days? Or even sheer or lowcut? So frustrating. I don't like showing my butt to the world and I still have respect for myself if not for others. On top of that, I really do not feel comfortable about my male family members and loved ones  to be seeing all that ugly sight. Go ahead. Call me old-fashioned or conservative! Atleast I respect myself. =p Whatever happens to modesty, eh?

p/s: Not low enough? Get a super low-rise pair of pants.

A voice of a REAL woman.
A girl who probably is sick of low-rise.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Low and Slow

Urghhh! The connection is ridiculously slow today. Is it as sick as I am? :(
I've been trying to load some pages and it either make me wait for ages or it times out.
FYI, I'm now in a telco provider office. Ironic....

Nose feels stuffy. Head feels heavy. Heart wants to be in bed and read all the books in the to-be-read pile.
Feeling pretty low...guess the mood is off this week. Mr.Work is not helping. Bought some books. They cheered me up. I need them!!!!

Weekend is coming sooooonnn!!!
I have these in mind.
- Caramel pudding
- Moist choc cake (if I'm not out with the girls for a slumber party)
- Parmesan oregano bread (fell in love with the one from Subway. Can't keep going to only get the bread rite?)
- Redeem the Rene Furterer voucher I won
- Make some space for new is scarce now :(
- Get my laundry done
- Update my book blog with more book reviews particularly for my very own Roald Dahl Bookathon
- Go to Maxis and change from prepaid to postpaid (this is still in deep consideration)

All/half of the above is only feasible if I'm well and enthusiasm level is not low.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Just Another Morning

My brother asked quite a serious question when I was about to start my breakfast earlier today.
"What would happen if one week prior to the wedding day, the bride confessed that she has someone else?" I dunno what triggered him to ask that question. My answer? "Call off the wedding." He then said  the groom must be very devastated. Quite a serious topic as a starter. But nevertheless, I continued the converstation. I said that it is better that she confessed and call off their wedding rather than continue living in a lie after the real thing is done. The longer it is kept, the worse the pain and damage will be. Plus end now when it is not too late...not end it when you already have bank loans and kids together.

I then tossed a question back to him. "Wouldn't it be a lot worse when you're already married to the man and few years down the lane, he confessed he loves someone else. And that mind you happens when you already think u have a stable life and yea..maybe a kid of two." His typical-male mind responded "Well, it is normal for a guy to do that but a woman?" I said too bad for the guy if the guy is nice when the girl is the bad one but I guess it is quite a lesson for guys when girls turn rotten. As much as I pity the nice guys and curse the bad girls, I can't help saying that both genders can be equally mean and MOST(not ALL) of the time, guys are the ones who drifted away and forget about the passion and love. How sad but I guess it happens..and yes, it is scary. Worst of all, the guy would drift out completely and leave the woman with all around the world to handles; from kids,food,house and all. How selfish. Is it really worthied to give it all away and hurt someone you once loved soooo deeply to be with another who suddenly juz pop out of nowhere. Is lust so important? Again, I do not say that this happen ALL the times and I am not saying that men is to be blamed or they are the ones who are always bad. Men sometimes are unfortunate enough to happen to end up with some rotten girls. =/

I added, the moment a woman decided to accept a guy's hand in marriage and promise to live with him ever after, she also believes and hopes she could live happily ever after with her one and only husband. When a woman vows, she believes her spouse feels the same and eventhough fairy tale may be too much to as for, it never hurt to be halfway from what the fairy tale is. The moment she gives, she gives it all. Now I really wonder if men feels the same way when they actually think about proposing to a woman he loves or claims he loves. The moment a woman gets pregnant, her everything changes too; phyisical, emotion and no doubt hormones. That is a lot. I hope this is all appreciated.

Our conversation didn't go any further but I told him, marriage is not an easy thing. Why commit when you know you can't? Don't hurt others. Though our conversation ended, my mind drifted away...deeper into the marriage subject. Come to think of it, it is pretty scary. How do I know if you are really the one? How can I know you feel the same way I do towards you? What guarantee do I have to give away my all? Does it mean anything to the man for me to accept him in my life forever? Would I be his only one til death do us part? Would he do his part to improve our lives? Would he think it is easy for me to accept all including his way of live, mentality and his family? When it all got clouded in my head, it put it all aside and will think when the time comes.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


If there is one thing Kiehl's has become, it has become my favourite. I don't believe in splurging onto skin products. I believe in what works well for my skin. With that, my moisturizer and my facial cleanser remains the same since I was in 13. Others like make-ups, lipbalms and facial masque are added values.

I started of trying Kiehl's when I started worrying about my panda eyes. (Thanks Mr.Work) When I turned 25 recently, I know I'm 5 years to 30 =| (Can't we not go there?...) I guess the number is scarier than actually being there. Besides dark circles, I am becoming more aware of wrinkles specifically crow feet. I know it is all unavoidable as it is part of nature and yeah, there is no way we can turn back time and lie about our age. Anyhow, I believe this is a good time to start as I've not started earlier.

I can see that Kiehl's specializes on facial care and a lil bit of hair care. Don't bother looking for cosmetics there...OK? Why cover when you can fix, right?  My last visit to Kiehl's got me home with a Line-Reducing Eye-Brightening Concentrate. Expensive? Can't remember the exact price but it is about RM175. Bought it in April. Now we are in June, I believe I still have some to be used atleast til mid this month if not more. Worthied? You do the math.

I've been looking into the mirror and see that apart from dark circles, there is something else I need to care for; the puffy areas around my eyes! See, there are just sooooo many things a girl gotta think and care about and it all comes with a price and obviously DISCIPLINE.

Today, I dropped by KLCC to look for a lipbalm and something for the eye puffiness. (REALLY, thanks Mr.Work!) My lips can't deal with too bad for me. No cherry/strawberry or any sort of perfumes content for me. =| So far, the lipstick which could work well with me is from M.A.C. I'm yet to try Bobbi Brown or Stage or ..... (it needs money and heart to try it is a lot of risk for my lips to take sometimes). Anyhow, I ended up with what I needed, a lipbalm and an eye de-puffer.

Decisions could be quite hard. I was torn between 3 lipbalms; Original, lightly-tinted and mint. All the same texture. Price difference is minimal. I ended up with mint. I love mint. Mint is always refreshing. It is also their limited edition product this year...apparently.

I thought of getting a stronger formulae for my dark circles; not that the current one doesn't help but I can't help wanting something more and of coz stronger....but the one that I have is the strongest. Can't doubt that. Can feel the serum reacting as soon as I apply it. Nothing more a product can help with if I do not get enough sleep, right? So far it is doing fine. Expectation met. =) Hope the 2 new products will help me with my lips and the puffy area around my eyes.

If you are terrified to enter the store, don't be. The salespersons are friendly and they DO NOT force you to buy. Ask for what you want. If there is one thing Kiehl's knows best, it has got to be the power of giving. More often than not, you will definitely walk out of the store with samples. I see it as something very smart; marketing-wise. One of them must have put themselves in the customers' shoes. Why would you wanna buy products you're not sure of right? Why can't you try others by the same brand if one of their products is working well for you right? Nothing is wrong with giving a lil bit more. I guess they would say, "More often than not, customers come back to us wanting the fullsize of an item after they have sampled it." ;)

Expensive? Not really. The lipbalm is only RM35. The eye de-puffer is only RM75. Since Father's Day is just around the corner, you will get RM10 off for every RM100 purchase. Not too bad at all. As for the first product I bought, if you have not calculated, April to June is 3months. RM175/3 = RM58.33 per month. Expensive? My skin is more expensive. C'mon. Be real. We are not even talking about La Mer here. La Mer......I'm yet to have that much bucks =| Someday......................

Check out the cute paperbags! ^__^

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Very First Single Movie Ticket Bought

This may be normal to frequent movie-goers or movie fanatics. As for me, I love watching movies but I do not watch it too often coz most of the time, I'd pick reading over watching movies. To my little bunch of friends, the know that I will object to the idea of watching a movie when I've not met them in the longest time. I started REALLY watching movies in the cinema when I started dating my boyfriend. No doubt there are times I object watching movies due to time limitation; I'd rather walk around, talk and catch up. *you get the idea*

Ever since my bf went away, I seldom watch anymore movies. Guess I must have been busy or the feeling just doesn't come. I would be lying if I say that there is nothing I would like to watch but frustrations come with it when I don't get to watch it OR my bf watches w/o me. Selfish? I don't think so. I'm just so used to watch movies with him. Watching romance is a lot nicer when you have a companion. Let me know if you disagree. All these makes me forget all about movies. I barely even go to the cinema portals. *Why tempt when you can't have it rite? I don't like pulling myself down and live with frustrations!*

What I did today is what I've always wanted to do; experience watching movie alone! Odd? Ordinary? I was divided between Shrek 4 and Letters to Juliet. I picked Shrek 4 in 3D =) How I felt lining up alone? Nothing out of ordinary...maybe because I don't see couples being ridiculously annoying in front / around me. I was surround by a bunch of girls who couldn't decide what they wanna watch and some kids. The line wasn't long so nothing was in the context of toturing me.

Didn't get the center seat but managed to get a seat towards the end of the center cluster. 3 empty seats; I picked the middle one...just so that no silly couples will sit nearby! (forgodsake, I'm watching Shrek...not some Romeo&Juliet movie) Went into the cinema right away my ticket was printed. Picked up the 3D glasses alone. Wasn't odd. Went to my seat alone. No one picked up my bag to put it on the floor. I gotta say I got into the scene right on time. The moment I sat down, the dreamworks logo was displayed onto the screen.

Did I laughed during the show?
I did.

Did it feel odd being alone?

Did I enjoy the movie?
Of coz!!! It is Shrek!!!

Would I do it again?
Definitely; IF I have the time and chance to. =p

p/s: After tonite, I wont' have to wonder how it feels to watch a movie alone anymore coz I'VE DONE IT! Not much diff compared to shopping and eating alone. It feels normal. I dunno about romantic movies but Shrek doesn't make me feel alone. *ngehngehngeh*

3 Years done

3 years may sound like a very long time. 3 years is the number of years I've spent to get my degree done. Long? I guess not quite compared to other fields. Let's see how much progress I've made since the point when I started working.

Spent 4months in a jap company as a tester. Pay was good. Distance isn't. Work-life balance was definitely there (coz it wasn't dark everytime i leave the office). Pretty much grasp the cycle of testing from planning to executing. Multi-tasked to 80%. Awesome 22inch" monitor.

Then....the jump happened. Flew to the company I'm with now. Fit in better. Spent a year and 2 months as a tester. Started managing defects seriously. There were few hectic times but it was doubt frustrating at times but it is all gewd.

Sent to another client for a couple of months...yes,another testing assignment. Mission was to get the client back on track in the testing schedule. Though short duration, I saw "colours" as another girl and I was somehow "lent" to the client. Fantastic experience.

Spent few months in the wonderful KLCC office. Lunch is about Kinokuniya and Subway. Had to live on basic pay. Be stuck at a nearby traffic light for atleast 3redlights before I actually get the chance to make a lil u-turn. Lived on basic salary but still had the crave for books and of coz clothes! Started blogging. Read quite a number of books. Did a number of online trainings. It was AWESOME!

Fun ended.

Posted to where I am now. Was clueless. No longer a tester but landed a role I can never imagine myself in; TA. Whoaaaaa! Dealt with few monsters. Patience level grew. Ignore button grew bigger at times to maintain patience level. =p Quite a one-man show back then but it is much better now; team is bigger and many has picked up more stuff. Fantastic? Awesome? Hmm...I'll say "Great!". My respond used to be "Still breathing and still alive" whenever anyone asks me how I am. The reply only came after a few moments of pause. Apparently, it is normal. I've bumped into some ppl who asks others the same q and I heard my answer being repeated. It is some kind of epidemic within the project i guess. LOL!

Along the way..besides WORK, there are fun stuff!
I've tried emceeing and actually enjoyed did it maybe...3 times? It is fun.
Then I somehow got into the band..and the band is AWEEESSSOOMMMEEEE. =)
Best part of the 1st 3 years out of uni!

During lunch today, I googled to see what the company has or is still looking for and bumped into the following requirements tagged to my role. Lemme see how many of it I have.

  • Supported in the capacity of Siebel Administration from end to end
  • Installed Siebel from grounds up
  • Setup and configure Siebel components
  • Performed Siebel deployment
  • Start / stop Siebel server
  • Troubleshoot Siebel TA issues & error log analysis
  • Experience with using Unix platform (HP-UX would be ideal)
  • Basic database troubleshooting skills (preferably on Oracle database)
  • Siebel module that is preferred: eCommunications (version 8.1. would be ideal)
  • Siebel performance tuning (reviewing DB performance, identifying source of poor codes, app tier tuning like max / min tasks )
  • Experience with Siebel integration with Avaya CTI
  • Experience with Unix / Windows scripting
  • Experience with a Production Support role for Siebel application
  • Experience in a telecommunications environment will make you a top candidate for this position.
  • 2-6 years of relevant experience
  • Proven success in contributing to a team-oriented environment
  • Proven ability to work creatively and analytically in a problem-solving environment
  • Excellent communication (written and oral) and interpersonal skills
  • Recognized University Degree
  • Ability to meet travel requirements, when applicable
 Out of the above, I only do not have one of it. Not too bad,huh? ;)

That's the career-wise.

Life? Am I anywhere in life? Well, I bought a car. Does that count? Sure it does. I still keep in touch with my best friends everytime I get the chance to. That is something huge when you spend more than 80% of your lifetime with your colleagues in the office. I...mmmm am still reading and buying books. =p Now have some interest in baking and stuff. Patience level has gone higher. Heart could have grown harder. Head is closer to steel. Enthusiasm could be low on some elements but still fine. Other than that....everything is pretty much the same.......S.T.A.T.I.C.

On the side note...(or is this the foot already? :p), if anyone has the above mentioned qualities, kindly send me ur resume. =)