Thursday, February 20, 2014

espressolab SS15 Subang Jaya

Our very first visit to espressolab :)
For all who believes there are only Starbucks and Coffee Bean Tea Leaf, step out of your cocoon!
SS15 is not strange area. It is probably the most hip and happening place to hang out in Subang Jaya area. Thank you the various food outlets and the universities nearby. Let's jump into espressolab!
We dropped by the "lab" after our meal at FIQ's Gastronomy. As we walked in, we were greeted by the cakes in the display chiller.
As you lift your head, you will see the very eye-catching feature wall. I LOVE THIS WALL!
Love the typography on it. Simple and definitely fun design!


The lab has 2 storeys so if you don't feel like cramping in the lower ground, walk up. :)
The level upstairs is spacious and there is another feature wall featurings all the different types of coffee.Hey! The lights form a heartshape lighting. :) 
There are high tables too!
This area could fit 50-60 people. They are open for reservation so call them up to book if you would like to hold a little gathering or birthday party for a dear friend or girlfriend or boyfriend or anybody at all! Club meetings work well here too. :)
If you smoke, make your way to the outdoor sitting. Decent view and it is very breezy~~~~ 
Here's our dessert; Nutella Mille Crepe.
There are 2 other flavours and Black Sesame being the hotselling one.
My next trip, I would like to try out their salted caramel choc cake and tiramisu!
Oh! Their ice blended and affogato as well!
Oh hey, they have lasagne too! :)
This is totally random. Bumped into Mr.Cat on the way back to the car.
B12-G & B12-1,
Jalan SS15/8A,
47500 Subang Jaya
Tel: 03-5612 3338

FIQ's Gastronomy

If you have always like the thoughts of fine dining but don't quite fancy the serious ambience, this is the place for you. FIQ's Gastronomy is a casual fine dining place.

My partner in crime decided to tryout this place after it has so much advertisements from my sis-in-law every time we pass by the area! She must like it very much.

So here we are. :) 

First impression as we walked in, nice interior!
The furnitures are from pallets (I think). Pretty cool!
The open kitchen is a good idea.

We opted to sit outside coz we fear smelling like food when we leave. Lol
Setup on the outside is like a garden. The table that we picked has one arm chair and we almost fought for it.

Here comes the menu. It looks like they will add more to the menu in the future(I hope I am right). A little preview below.

Wasn't very hungry so we tried

Crunchy Calamari
Very crunchy as named! Served on a blue wooden chopping board. (The board comes in many colours) Check out how the sauce spread on the surface.

Boneless Short Ribs
Tender meat. Tender carrots. If you are hungry, order 2.

Not quite sure if it is just us but we can't finish this. Even after an additional scoop of ice-cream. Gotta be our first unfinished one.

Again, nice presentation. Sorry but I have to take a break from brownies for now.
And packed Mac N Cheese for the few people at home to try.
Sprinkled with beef bacon and cheese. Not very cheesy if you are into the cheesy type.

Overall, nice hang out place. Youngsters will love it.
Good ambience. Food presentation is great. Attentive staff.
Service is adequately fast.

Here's a nice view from the outside to the inside. Looks framed.

The bomb?
Pardon them, their system is probably down.  :p
FIQ's Gastronomy
34, Jalan SS19/1D,
Subang Jaya
Tel: 03-5613 0473
Opening Hours:
Tuesday - Friday 12:00pm to 10:30pm

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Friday, February 14, 2014

If You Ask, Then You Must Know

I believe the word hijab,headscarf or tudung is no longer foreign with the growling number of Muslims around the globe. No doubt Muslims are more famous after the 9/11 incident.

There are even protests for not letting women wear the headscarves in some countries. Hijab. Why do Muslim women wear those? Wait, why is there even question as to why Islam calls for it? Has anyone asked why Buddhist monks wear yellow wraparound? How about the nuns outfits? They cover their heads too, don't they?

Simple answer to why Muslim women wear the headscarves is that it shows we are Muslim women. We worship Allah and therefore, we do as told. To set correct understandings, we are required to cover the aurah. Now, what is aurah? Aurah for a woman is every part of her body except her face and palm. Aurah for a man is between his belly button and knees. Aurah must not be seen other than family members.

Is it a must to wear the headscarf? Yes.
Is it a must to pray? Yes.

Are babies required to wear headscarves? No. Reason being they are not adults yet. In Islam, you are consider an adult as soon as you reach puberty. No matter if you have your first mensturation when you are only 9 years old.

You may wonder why do you still see many Muslim women without their headscarves. If you are that curious to find out, I suggest you walk up to them and ask what you would like to find out.

I admit. I have just started doing many more things which are compulsory for Muslims. Including covering my aurah. Once a physical change is made, questions and stares came from every direction. When you do something for your religion, you keep and open mind and your heart win remain calm while your ignore button is on. I believe many have asks why Hindus do not eat beef at some point in life.

Every religion has its own teachings. We are in no position to condemn others who do not believe in the same thing as we do. Bottom line, no religion promotes evil doings. Tell me, which religion encourages pre-marital sex? Which religion allows robbery as way of living?

Common questions asked to someone who has just started wearing the headscarf as following.

Why do you wear it?
I'm a Muslim. It is a must in my religion.

Why don't you wear it before?
I have sinned. It is wrong. I do not want to continue doing what is not right.

What happens if you don't wear it?
I'll be committing a gigantic sin and will be burned in hell. I will be hung by my hair and fit will be burned to my skull. Worst of all, my prayers are not taken into account.

Did your husband force you to wear it?
I guess this is a very subjective question. In my case, my parents and my husband have been feeling me to wear it since yonks but I was deep in the dark and did not wear it. Sorry.

What made you wear it now?
I love my religion. I love myself. I love my family. I love my husband. If I do not do as called for, I will be dragging them to hell with me. That is simply unfair. Especially if you really love these people. They love me too much for me to cause so much trouble in their afterlives (Yes, there is life after death and we will all be evaluated based in our doings in this world).

Apart from the above, I would like to reserve myself to my husband only. I would appreciate it if you do not offer your hand for me to shake too. I could reject it but it will be quite embarrassing for you. If not for both of us.

Guess this is it for this post. :)
Hope it has at least enlightened some of your doubts on why Muslim women wear the headscarves. To follow my initial journey with my headscarf, stay tuned.

Have a nice day!


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