Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Birthday To Remember

The birthday to remember.

Nothing awesome about the figure 26. Just a number some would say. Yeah, I agree. It it 4 years from being 30 from my point of view. :p If you're the half-full kind of person. Good for you.

Honestly, I've had so many birthdays in my life but this year is it different coz I have a husband. That's the only change.
I need to have this entry to let things out rather than go ranting everywhere in the cyberspace.

Everyone who knows me well enough would know how much fun I find in singing and reading. Don't think I wanna mention shopping coz it goes w/o saying. :p This year, the project decided to hold a project dinner at RedBox. How awesome is that? As much as I wished I could join and rock out, I declined.

Why? Coz my husband booked me right away. He said "Your evening is mine." Trust me. I was so happy. I've told him that I didn't want anything for my bday this year. Not a piece of cake. Not a piece of card. But when he said that, I believe that he would have his own plan. Atleast a dinner. It did not happen. The whole day was his but he had stuff so I told him to get his stuff done. I don't mind. One thing led to another thing. Time set was 2pm so when my bestfriend asked me out for lunch, I said "Let'z go!". That was wise. Coz it was the only meal I had. 2 awesome pastas shared. 2 delicious desserts shared. ^___^
Back to the dissappointment story. Everyone knows my work eats me up. So when I go onleave, I'm REALLY onleave. ALL OUT! When a day of leave gets wasted, I will be extremely sad. I dunno which bit went wrong. Called him at about 3:43pm. He said the entire day is ruinned. I didn't get it. It wasn't even 8pm. I don't even know what was ruinned. He hung up. I still didn't get my answer. Replied his parents' bday wish to say TQ. Then turned off my phone. Tadaa!

Minutes turned to hours. No signs of anything. Everyone must have believed that I'm having a blast with my husband. Sorry guys, I didn't so if I happen to look extremely blue the next day, please don't ask me why. Was hoping to check out the sofa I found for the house but I guess he is not that interested.

Did laundry. Hung the clothes and checked out of window if there's any sense of happiness or apology coming. None. Decided to clear up the shoe rack while I was taking out the vacuum cleaner. Took out the vacuum cleaner. Then vacuumed the entire house. Atleast I didn't waste my entire time moping around for nothing. Rocked out the sound system while I cleaned. Bathed. Lathered the shweeettt Vic Secret shower gel I bought last year before I got married. hahaha Awesome shower.

Read my book. Go to my laptop to type out this entry coz I need to lighten up my heart. He came back. I told him to gimme 5mins for me to juz put a place holder; I just want the entry to be on my birthday. He said he couldn't wait. Ironic. What is 5mins when that someone has waited yonks rite? :( I wish I can keep on saying it is unfair but I don't feel like it. He left the room. Thought he is juz getting something to drink. He turned on the TV. That marked the end of me. Fell asleep. He bathed..i think. He left the room. I woke up. No pillows. Went out...he was in the living room at his laptop. 2nd time over for me. Clickety click on the mouse. It didn't end. I couldn't fall back to dreamland again. Read some more. Still couldn't fall Shut the door. Forced myself to sleep. Eventually fell asleep....ahhhhhhh it was almost 3am I think.

Thank god I have Mr.Work to turn to. I know he needs me whenever. Mr.Book, he is always very loyal and obviously accommodating. I believe he loves me as much as I love him. He wouldn't mind me putting him aside for me to have other form of fun too. Super understanding. Don't you think? ;)

Letz do a lil recap on the birthdays I remember. Btw, I can't remember my 21st birthday.

Sweetest bday gift in life
18th. I thought my family forgot my birthday coz no one said anything about it since breakfast. So..who cares rite? Not that I wanted anything anyway. The clock struck 8:35pm when I was wiping the dining table after dinner when my dad suddenly said "Eh, what is the time now?" My mom said "This is the time when she's coming out." They then wished me happy birthday.

Best birthday bash in life
23rd. My parents threw it for me and my bro. They knew that would be the only time they get to do that and they want us to atleast experience it. It was awesome. BBQ at lvl 4. Unbelievable. 50 over ppl crammed in our apartment. Even more unbelievable. Everyone sang the bday song. It was sooooo awesome! ^__^ Was really the best birthday bash ever! Who said parents are not kewl about stuff? ;)

Ice-Cream Cake Bday
25th Bday. I dunno if there are any kids out there who never wished for an ice-cream cake. I've always wanted it but it is too pricey and my family didn't have that much to be spending on a cake. To cut long story short, it wasn't quite feasible. My colleagues decided to get an ice-cream cake from Baskin out of nowhere. There! My first ice-cream bday cake. :) I got it. Happy. Don't need anymore. The experience is nice. Some wishes take some time to come true but it does come true! Work is also not juz work. ;) Colleagues are friends too :) Apart from that, my bday was celebrated everyday of the week! I got slices of cakes the subsequent 2 days. One from the William the DBA; mille crepe! The other one from Ryan the phil bookaholic. Another bday meal from Joyce; OLIO! Everyday was a bday. Celebrated with my parents over the weekends. My bestfriend took me out for a steamboat buffet.

The Chinese-Style Bday Lunch

22nd Bday. Crown Princess Hotel. Celebrated with my godmother who happened to be my training supervisor too. Other guys who are friends with me at work were invited too. That includes the other 2 trainee guys I worked with. Nice lunch. :)

The Final High School Bday
17th. And at a fast food outlet. ;) Got a huge teddy from my besties. Cake was Tiramisu. My husband(then,my boyfriend) turned up. Took our first pic together. He gave me a lil kitten which very much resembled my late daughter when she was a kitten. I wore my fav top with my fav skirt. My classmate's cousin helped to deliver ALL my presents to my hse. How niceeee :) My parents sponsored the celebration. I bought the cake from a bakery nearby my hse and carried it on my own to the fastfood outlet. 
Here are the stuff I did on my bday.
- Made the bed
- Had lunch with my bestest friend; the only meal I had on my bday.
- Settled a stupid personal loan at the bank.
- Refueled by car; didn't wash it coz it looked like it was gonna rain but it didn't in the end. >.< Mr.Rain is also a male.
- Did laundry.
- Vacuumed the entire house.
- Refilled the bottles in the fridge.
- Arranged my books I brought back from my MIL's place.
- Trash the unwanted shampoos from the rack in the bathroom my husband is using.
- Cleared out the shoe rack so that my husband has some space to put his shoes; at a brokenhearted point, I still wants things to be nice for him.
- Read some chapters in the book I'm currently reading.
- Reminisced moments spent with my family and wished they were still with me when my heart has been shattered. Cried. Bathed as the attempt to wash away my sorrow.
- Contemplated on whether I should head out for my own bday dinner or stay in. Couldn't decide so no dinner.
p/s: This post is meant to have the date of my bday this year but I failed coz I put the place holder in the bookblog instead. Dayummm!