Thursday, December 20, 2012

Similarities in the bloodline

If you have ever said you have no similarities with your siblings(especially the one who really don't get along well with), I suggest you spend more time with the person doing random things. :p

In my case, I do not hate my brother but I happen to find more similarities. This found at a Japanese restaurant.

Here is how it started....
I arrived at the restaurant. He was still looking for a parking spot. Ordered 2 iced water as we both do not drink green tea. *funny...I know...*.

Ordered eel and salmon. Fine. Nothing out of ordinary here. When it came to a new dish we wanna try out, we took the plate.
Picked up the food, bend lower to the table an smell the food. Hahahahahaha when I noticed this, we both burst out in laughter.

When it came to the eel roll, we poked the cucumber out of the sushi. Aren't we just awesome? LMAO!

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