Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Earrings :)

Many pairs for one pair of ears just so suit all my moods and attires and .. COZ i can! =p

Not a hundred pairs yet. To date, there are only about 60 pairs. I believe the number will increase and will eventually reach 100 by end of 2010. =) Anyhow, it is quite an indulgence...a cheap one if you wanna ask. I normally get a few pairs when I'm too broke to get other stuff. Well, I love new stuff so I guess it can't be helped.

Honestly, I can't wear nickel due to allergies but a girl just can't help it. LOL!

Note : For viewing purposes only. Not for sale. =p

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Where's your manners?

Where's your manners? Don't you have common sense ATLEAST?
What is it with these ppl who :

1. Won't let ppl get out of the lift before getting in?
2. Won't let ppl get out of the train before getting in?
3. Cut queues?
4. Littersssssss?
5. Can't read "ONE WAY ONLY" road sign?

Hello people, IF you don't let ppl get out of where you wanna be in, there won't be enough space for you. Isn't that basic logic? URGH! Don't tell me you are that dumb!

Cut queues? IF you urgently need to be in front, why don't u go rite behind the first person or better still, go rite in front of the first person. If you think u wanna get your stuff done quickly, what makes you think others don't? Next time, I hope more ppl will cut ur line RITE in front of you so that you'd atleast feel what it is like. :) See if you enjoy it.

I believe we are living in the same state...atleast same country and planet. Why litter? You are already not sweeping the road and trim the plants by the roadside, why litter? To look cool? I'll tell ya something. You look dumb and soooooo not educated. :) Wait. If you happen to fly back to mars after you litter this planet called earth, I might forgive you (though it still shows how shallow ur senses are).

As for ONE WAY road, if you wanna commit offences, do not involve others. What I mean here is, do not get others to be in accidents because of you. 1minute round the block won't cost as much as repairing a dented boot or etc. Double-dumbo. I wonder how you even manage to earn enough with that kind of head on your shoulders. =p

I'm not angry but I'm juz saddened by the mentality of some people around here. And smokers seem to be littering the most! How can they not? If you were to get onto the flyover approaching Universiti station from KL, you'd see lotsa cig butts by the roadside...and not to mention cig boxes and lighters too. Know what that shows? The level of ppl who smokes. =p You already do not care about other around you who you kill every single day, now you also do not care about the env you are living in. Why not throw all your rubbish inside you room. Keep throwing. Keep living in the room. Have fun.

*yes,i'm super sarcastic =p*