Sunday, November 6, 2011

First Surgery in My Life

Venue : SDMC, Subang Jaya
Date/Time : 5th Nov 2011, 9am check-in
Reason : ALL wisdom tooth removal
Companies : Darling husband, parents, parents in-law, Hafiz and Najib.
Everything first must be recorded because it will never remain fresh in anybody's mind forever. With this, I would like to record my very first surgery in my life. As much as I would like to avoid it, I could not. =(
In July 2010 , it has been seen through an x-ray that all my wisdom tooth are growing outwards. For those who have known me since young, you might have noticed my 2 front teeth going crooked. Thank to the wisdoms. During the time of x-ray, none of it has revealed themselves until early this year. 2 weeks ago, top left wisdom tooth was starting to cause discomfort. I thought I could just let it be but it grew more and more painful until few days ago. I could no longer open my mouth wide to eat like I normally do anymore.
After bathing on the 31st of Nov 2011, I opened my mouth wide and looked into the bathroom mirror. To my horror, both wisdom tooth on the left have revealed themselves. That is when I knew I cannot wait so I talked to my husband and then spilled my will to pull it out. One of my sis in-law has done it before years ago so we tracked down who did it for her. Made an appointment with the doctor on the 3rd of Nov 2011 and decided on the spot to have the surgery for both tooth on the right to be removed on the 5th Nov which is a Saturday.
After a short discussion with my parents in-law, I have made up my mind to remove all 4 of them to avoid this from happening twice. Reason:
1. Pain (don't wanna go through this twice)
2. Cost
3. Not advisable to be on general anaethetic twice.
The night before the surgery, we had a hard time sleeping. I think I managed to fall asleep around 3am. Before going to dreamland, my husband and I reorganized the wardrobe (I have the habit to clean up the room before leaving for anywhere...). I also packed my bags to be ready to go to parents' place after the surgery.
5th NOV
Appointment was set to be at 9am. Woke up at 8am. Ready at 845am if I'm not mistaken. Reached the hospital around 9:15am to check in. Registered myself. The nurse at the reception asked if it was my first time, I said yes but she found another record in her computer. Apparently, I have been to the hospital for an x-ray before entering uni for health screening. haha
Read few docs. Signed few papers. Given some consents for the procedure with the dentist, Dr. Mohd Noor Awang. Waited at the waiting area with my husband. After few mins, my parents' in-law came. Sat with them for few mins. Didn't know how long it will take before I will get called so I took out my book 'The Time of My Live' by Cecelia Ahern. Just when I wanted to read, I heard my name being called my the nurse. She helped me undress and get into the hospital dress. Didn't know I cannot wear anything underneath. Felt a lil funny. No rubberband. No contacts.
She then weighed me. Read my height. Took my BP reading...quite high..prolly nervous. Saw my husband at the window. Smiled and waved before heading tot he bed. There I was given another doc to read on anaesthetic. Was left there for about 10-15mins. *argh...i dun like the wait*
Then, they wheeled me to waiting bay. The anaesthetic doctor would take over from there. Waited for another 5-10mins before he came. Briefed me about the procedure and how the anaesthetic works. (Gosh...i dunno how many gazillion times these ppl ask my name, my birthdate and when was the last time I consumed anything....CSI?similar...just to ensure my story doesn't change I guess...haha)
The doc told me about possible complications but the percentage of occurence is low. I then signed the consent letter. I asked if he will give me an injection or will he just put a mask over my mouth. He said "Both." I asked for the smallest needle. He said he will use the needle he normally use for children. Aaaahhh~~~~ Thank god he did coz he found out my vein is very small. hehe He then poked my hand and said it is just like mosquito bite. I disagreed. He said big red ant then. I said "Maybe a giant red ant." He laughed. After that, he left me. After another longggg wait, he came again and put in water through the lil plastic thing he put on my wrist (forgot to ask the name of the thing...) I asked if there will be tubes put into my throat, he said yes but told me not to worry coz it will be gone before I regain conciousness. :) I asked if all will be gone. He said yes but not the thing on my wrist. hahaha
After awhile, I got wheeled into the operating theater. At this point, I'm thankful I'm shortsighted...else I would see everything around me very clearly. haha In the room, I can see the kind of lights you normally see in the movies when the patient is screened in an operating theater. There were about 5 nurses if I'm not mistaken. One quickly put on the oxygen mask, one strapped on the bp monitoring device which automatically compresses my arm and take my BP reading, one put on the oxygen monitor on my right pointer, one put on the heart monitoring stickers onto my chest, the anaesthetic doctor held my hand said, "This will sting a little ok? I'm sorry." He pushed in the medicine...I felt it up to 2-4inches below my wrist...then, I blacked out.=)
No idea! And thankful for that! hahaha
By the time I get wheeled out of the operating theater, I was still unconcious until the point they placed me at the same waiting bay. I woke up. With my eyes half-opened I tried to feel if both sides of my mouth are sore but couldn't feel much on the right side. The dentist was there and told me I'm all done. I raised my left hand and showed him 4 fingers. He said "Yes. All four."
One of the nurse then wheeled me out. I remember vividly seeing my husband and heard the nurse asked if he was my husband. He said yes and she told him to wait. I was pushed into a room with another bed. The nurse placed my next to the empty bed and told me to get on it slowly...I think I just swerved my body there. Super drowsy. Then my husband came in followed by my mom. She was earing a pink scarf. Then my dad came in with my brothers...followed by my parents in-law. They stayed on for abit. Apprently, my dad canceled his trip to China; mom is number one reason as she wasn't 100% well.
My dad joked that they will see me after the raya prayers the next morning. I made a face. He knew I hate and super scared of hospitals. haihzzz I asked my mom if my face is big coz I could feel both of my cheeks the size of giants and bottom lip super huge. She said "Just a lil". Probably trying to not make me feel too ugly. I was then left with only my husband.
Kept falling asleep. Felt hungry. Lip felt sooo huge that I can't really close my mouth. Inner cheeks are super swollen too...and yea, cannot really close my mouth. Tried swallowing my saliva every now and then just to ensure I can still do it. If I can do it, then I can drink and EAT! Nurse dropped by and ask if I want my dinner to be served, I said later. My husband asked if I can be discharged. The nurse said I can only be discharged after I have passed urine. If I can't, she will need call a doctor to take a look at me. arrggghh I don't want that. Of coz I can pass urine! I didn't just give birth...hahaha I was just drowsy.
After awhile. I seriously needed to drink. When done, I asked for my dinner. (Dinner was gewd! Porridge,tomato soup and braised fish. Trust me, food served tastes better than the one in MAS!) Then passed my urine. Took the time and told my husband to tell the nurse I'm done and need new ice-packs. Discussed with my husband if I should go back or stay for the night. My parents adviced to just stay in Subang Jaya just incase there's any emergency. I agreed. My husband said it is best to just stay in the hospital coz he knows I cannot sit still at home. I just agreed. He then left to pick up his stuff from home. He got back to the room around 7:45pm with 2 ice-creams; Magnum truffle and Moooooo! =) Enjoyed the treat. hihihi Kept asking for new ice-packs and before going to sleep, I asked for stronger pain killers...the nurse said if I need anything stronger, she will need to call for a doctor and inject my buttock...haihzzzz after some thoughts, I told her no need. I remember asking for Ponstan...she said the one I'm taking is stronger than Postan.haha damn pain.
At midnite, the nurse came in to give me some more painkillers, medicine to reduce the swell of my cheeks and steroid. I don't know how many times the nurses have taken my BP, temperature,  heartrate readings and given my ice-pack replacements. Last night, my husband and I fell asleep hoursss before midnite. haha
By 3am, I was wide awake. Went to washroom to gargle my mouthwash and then asked for ice-pack replacement. Then I asked when is the next med scheduled. The nurse said around 5:30am or so. She said she can give it to me at 5:30am so she did. Breakfast will only be served after 7:30am. Mr.Husband enjoyed his bun a few hours before that. He gave me a lil to try. I could not take more; too coarse. 
Breakfast was then served. Can't remember the time. Maybe it was 8:30am. Not as nice a dinner last nite. Had only half bowl of porridge and half mug of hot milo. Just a few chicken flosses in the porridge, no pepper...only one sachet of milo, sugar and creamer. As usual, no creamer for me.
When done, we asked for discharge. I changed into my clothes. The dentist dropped by to see how I'm doing and said I shall be fine soon. After a week, I should be able to eat solid food again!(YEAYYYY!!!!) The swell will subside after 4-5days. (Hopefully lesser than that.....I've got my facial session scheduled on Thursday..and on the same day I wanna look for a nice pair of silver heels and dinner pouch to go with my dress for my cousin in-law's wedding.) The nurse took off my dressing. She was gentle enough so that it doesn't hurt. Phew! BBM'ed my mom and my bestfriend.
Walked to the lobby wit my husband to settle the bill and retrieve the meds. Walked to the car....and tadaa! I'm back to where I was before the surgery. A little headache. Accompanied my husband to have his raya feast. After 15mins, his aunt came with his cousins. His Mak Su made choc cake and I sat right in front of it...the smell tempted me but I'm not sure if I can swallow it until his cousin said it is very moist in the middle. lol She put a thin slice of it on my plate for me to try. Finished it. Cut myself another slice. hahahahaha
After about an hour on the ground level, my husband and I made our way to the top floor where our small lil cottage is. hahaha As usual, he turned on the TV. Happy to see Despicable Me is showing. Me? I have started typing this entry since then. Guess this record is complete now.
Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha to all.
I believe all the cows and other slaughtered animals go to heaven while I suffer the swell. Ah well, may this be the one and only time I have to go through oral surgery of any kind.
p/s: Guess what? I look like a chipmunk! I thought I will look better this morning...boy was I wrong!
Pictures will be added later. I promise! To my beloved husband, thank you for being with me, being patient with me and taking super good care of me....and of coz...for staying with me in the know how much I hate being in hostpitals!....ghostsssssssss hahahaha Thanks again darling. May I be well soon. xoxoxox Love you always.
Yours achingly,
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The plastic thing which caused pain like giant red ant
Heart rate monitor
Breakfast before discharge; Porridge & Hot Milo
First meal after surgery. Nice; porridge, tomato soup & braised fish