Thursday, April 23, 2009

Domestic Day and the Jam

Firstly, I would like to thank Ms.Jam for making life more complicated that it already is.
About 70% of my life is spent in KL but I never had to go through too many jams in a day just to get to my destination. How nice Ms.Jam.

Recently, I just got posted to another project and client side.
Can't believe the number of jams i have to go through. Well, this may be perfectly normal for many others but not quite for me. I've been living in KL for a say....70% the years in my life. My school is in KL. I stayin KL and i even hang out in KL. Jam should be in my lifeline? How wrong. Hahahaha

Anyway, I think the jams are causing my headaches lately. Hope I won't continue being like this coz I need to work! I've been leaving home early ever since but doens't help much. :( Ms.Jam, not only u're eating up my time and energy, you are also eating up my money! And you make people pollute the air even more than they would normally do without you!

Under the current situation, I'll have to allocate some hours over the weekends to get my laundry and ironing done. Urgh!

Btw, Mr.Prime Minister, do what you're expected to do and let us have the privilegde to claim for the parking fare. K? The basement parking isn't that great anyway so being able to claim would cool us down a lil. Thanks.

Friday, April 17, 2009

KLCC Banned!

Why it is banned?
It is EVIL.

I've been on-the-bench for gawd knows how many months now.
(I know how many months but don't wanna reveal it here...well.still <5months)

On-the-bench location :

What is evil in KLCC?
Kinokuniya, iSetan and Zara.
And just a couple of days ago, City Chain joined the club. Urgh!WHY???? *faint*

Why is it EVIL?
The mannequins in iSetan wouldn't stop showing off her nice clothes.
ZARA kept having nice knitted stuff..URGH
Kinokuniya..Kino is Kino. The smell of the store is already soooo tempting. Need I say more?
You know what the store has rite?? =p
Lastly...City Chain joined the EVIL club a couple of days ago when it has 20% discount on Titus watches!

Someone asked me if I ever get bored of KLCC. My answer has always been and will always be No unless there's an event going on there like New Year celebration, National Day and etc because roads surrounding it will be super congested that it will take me like 1hour to reach home when it is supposed to take me 15minutes max. I've been going to KLCC since it was opened when they had no McDonald's and Pizza Hut...oh!and Sushi King. LOL! When I was in high school, I used to go to the cheap accessories shop named is still there now and still cheap.Hihihi Other than that? Well, Vincci and the foodcourt. Don't have much bucks as a kid. Why Vincci? Well, I used to be sooo into accessories. Allergic to nickel but those are what I could afford. Sad. LOL. Foodcourt? Well, it is the cheapest and I love their nasi goreng pattaya. Too bad, they have remodeled the whole foodcourt and replaced the stalls with some others. Think the only one which remain is the Milano Pizza. Still the same auntie behind the cashier and same menu. Price? I REALLY can't remember.

Here is something I disagree with KLCC; Everything under the sun.
They've got to rethink this coz they are more like everything under the moon or something.
Everything-under-the-sun tag belongs to One Utama. It REALLY has everything under the sun. Fastfood outlets. Name any. They have it all. Don't believe me? I'll name a few. McD,Burger King, A&W,Carls Jr., Chillis and TGIF. =p

What else under the sun?
Their MPH is the biggest in KL or maybe in Malaysia. TGV and GSC. Parkson and Jusco.

Think I'll stop here.
The sun is too big and too hot that I'd melt.

Anyway, I'm pretty done shopping in KLCC so even if I drop by, I won't buy anything...well, except food. =p

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

BlogWriter Lite

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Thursday, April 9, 2009


I dunno...

How to not live without music and colours?

How to stop loving books and reading?

How to stop wanting new things?

How to stop buying books?

How to stop spending?

How to stop feeling good?
There are many ways but the items mentioned above makes me feel good.
Not doing 'em would make me low. =p

Then again..the answers too all of the above is DUNNO! =p

Monday, April 6, 2009

Ruz vs Bex

LOL! Shopaholic madness is ON!

Lemme do a quick check how much I have in common with other words,AM I A SHOPAHOLIC? Nah...don't think so..but I shop and I crave for stuff. =p

We both :
- have a wardrobe which would throw up any second.
- have to buy something...or have to have something most of the time.
- loves the feeling of having new stuff.
- the % and SALE signs distracts me ALOT.
- have to have opinions on everything..(reference:my bf =p)
- don't remember we bought something...and have something til someone pointed it out.
- can't remember when we swiped the "magic" card and when were we in "that" particular store.

How I differ :
- NOT a klutz! *rofl*
- I do not exceed my credit card limit..iIm not too sure if I have to use the phrase "not yet" here.
- I buy Bookz!!!!!
- I don't buy dresses.
- I don't go for brands! =p
- I don't have Derek Smeath after me. LOL
- I'm still staying with my parents.
- I do not freeze my card in the ice cube...don't think I ever would.
- I won't sell 70% of my stuff; I would only sell 30% of it...I would also giveaway.
- I don't write much...and I don't have a nice laptop. =p ...Yet to have maybe.
- I have a ride!!!! =p Boooooo!

Am I influenced by the movie?
Have I read all the books?
Am I influenced by Becky Bloomwood?
No way!I AM ME. =p
Has the movie done anything to me?
Yes; it made the mannequins talk to me in the malls. It's creepy. Stop it!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Die unhealthy or die in poverty

Why are healthy foods more expensive than unhealthy ones???
Is it just like this in Malaysia or what? Btw, don't tell me it is cheap if i pack up my own food. I'm focusing on the food we buy when we're outside..ya know the ones we have in shopping malls and foodcourts. =p

Easiest comparison is between the white bread and the wheatmeal bread. Letz not go to too many brands and look at Gardenia's. Check out the price. RM2.10 and RM2.90. RM2.90 is for the healthier bread. *siiggghhh* White bread taste better and it is cheaper.

Others? Fried noodles and nasi lemak is cheaper than 6inch sandwich in Subway. Now that Subway has their Sandwich of The Day promo, it is only RM7.50. Still can't beat the RM5 per plate fried noodles and RM2.50 nasi lemak.

Here's the very sad part.
99% Fat free ice cream : ~RM8 - RM10 per scoop/cup.
99% Fat ice cream : RM1 from McDonald's, Burger King and IKEA!

Smoothies from the Smoothies bar taste soooo gewd and I love it. Juices from Juice Works are not bad too...but I can dream on drinking those and only pay RM2 or RM3 per glass. Canned softdrinks won't cost >RM2.50 per can. *siiiggghhhhh* Drink plain water? I do. I bring my 600ml plain water to work everyday but I still love the nice drinks! But due to the "affordable" price, I seldom have it. :\

This post is about the price we have to pay for healthier food. Don't bother telling me to pack my food or go for a jog. K? =p