Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Happy Tears

When I was a kid, the phrase "happy tears" didn't make sense. At all. Why would you cry if you're happy? Like very happy? It only made sense when I entered adulthood.
How many events have there been happy tears in your life?
In my 30 years of life, I only remember crying happy tears 3 times.
The very first one was when my husband (then boyfriend) celebrated my birthday. My birthday always clashes with Mother's Day. Not so great if you ask me. :P I have made it clear that I would like 2 presents when I become a mother someday. So yea...in the restaurant where we celebrated, there were pink heartshaped cakes as it was Mother's Day. I saw the cake and thought "Eh! Strawberry cake! Pink and heartshape!" I didn't take it of course, doubted I could finish the cake coz we have already ordered a lot of food. What I didn't know was Mr.Boyfriend secretly ordered one of it and requested for a candle. I really didn't see it coming so while we were just enjoying our last course, there came a group of staff singing the birthday song and with the pink heartshape cake with a lit up candle on it. The sweetest, isn't he? That was my first happy tears. Even as I typed this, I clearly remember the moment and I swear I could still shed a tear. Happy tear.
See guys, we are emotional creatures. Oh! And we remember too. :p
2nd event, I cried when I got myself an electone. I had an electone but it didn't come with the full specs so when I played songs on it, I never got the full experience. Quitted my lessons when I entered university as I had no time. I figured my dad wouldn't want to fork out the little amount of money for it anymore. Furthermore, I won't have time to practice any piece of music anymore. Weekends are short. Very.
Upon completion of my degree, I entered the ratrace immediately. Shortly after, I decided to sell my first electone to get a secondhand electone of a higher model. I played all night long. Had it plugged to my earphones. I heard every single sound. I felt "Wow! This is what it feels like to have this. I managed to get this. The one I have always wanted. Full experience now." Cried while playing. huhuhu
The last happy tears: Mr. Husband got me a very belated birthday present. Wasn't expecting a present especially when it had been few months after my birthday month. Mr.Husband isn't one to spend much on anything.....so after the shared birthday trip (which I planned coz I wanted to experience snorkeling so much), I thought that was my present. Was happy and contented with the trip. Redang is sooooo beautiful! I am not sure if he enjoyed the boatride to the island but we have already committed. I kept quiet. I honestly didn't know if he would agree to go to the island if he knew the boatride is more than 30mins........Sorry mister. Gotta do what I gotta do. I can't be going alone. hahahahaha No tears shed there. There could be sad tears shed there though. :p
Happy tears were shed when it was few months down the calendar when someone went to check out a new mall with his brother and came back with a cute headphone with cat ears! He placed it on the table in my little craftroom...told me to open the door and see what is inside. Being the paranoid me, I thought there were insects or other creepy creatures....I asked if there is animal in it. He said "Yes" and insisted that I went in. Scared. Opened the door. Went in. There it was. On the table. My very belated birthday present. Took the bag out of the room. Cried in bed in his arms. No, it wasn't some bejeweled BOSE or beats headphone. :p
Why do I bother typing all these events?

Well, this is so that I remember my first few happy tears in my life(hopefully there will be many more to come) and that even if I cry sad tears every other day, happy tears did happen.
Life is not that pathetic after all, right?
Honestly, I am pretty low and I was wondering if it is possible for a guy to promise his wife that the tears she will ever cry after they are married are happy tears. No worries. Mr.Husband is smart enough to not make such promise. I would have cried harder if he did and doesn't try to commit to it. :p