Sunday, May 30, 2010

3-Days Weekends!

Could someone please tell me how and who came up with the idea that weekends only have 2days? How is work-life balance even possible with only 2 out of 7 days being weekends? *Sigh!* At the current settings, the load is heavier on the work scale. *Soooo much for balance, eh?*

3days in a weekend starting from Friday would be the greatest ever!
Friday - Spring cleaning day.
Saturday - Shopping day! Buying groceries day and etc.
Sunday - REST day. Enjoy-being-at-home day. Baking day. Eat-at-home day.

Lovely, ain't it?

Can someone pleaseeeee do something about this? Just because it has been set centuries ago, it doesn't mean it can't be changed!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Heart Kettle ^_^

Bumped into this cute hearty kettle!

(Source :

Price: RM152.00
Would surely be a lovely item for my own kitchen(in my own house of coz!) in future! :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


What comes to your mind when someone says "722"?

Simple question..many answers.
It is quite a fun way to see what someone normally associates his/her thoughts with.

One colleague jokingly said room number. :p

Lemme summarize the answers I've got from others who are in various area of interests.
A HR friend of mine : Plate number
A manager : Bus number
A DBA friend : 722am
A trainer : Food (this guy was super duper hungry...and was still at work)
My geeky friends : UNIX permission level

Well, I was referring to 7:22PM when I said it to a colleague. My boyfriend said DATE. :)
The DBA said 722am and not unix permission level because he normally use 755. =p

Some others belong to the Nothing group.....

Sunday, May 9, 2010

RM2 Meal in KLCC

Dream on. Not quite possible unless u settle with a little bun of a pack of sushi from the supermarket.

I was in Kino as always; never a time I went to KLCC without dropping by Kino. =p The owner must be very happy to hear this. teehee

Anyhow, I was browsing some RM9.90 cooking books at its stand when a girl maybe about 15years old popped up. She interrupted my dreamworld in books.

Girl : Kak. Kak. Do you have two ringgit? I've not eaten.

I gave her a look from top to toe. She is double my size (she would be tripple if I were the size when I started workin'), wore an old roundneck black t-shirt, a pair of pants(can't really tell the was about grey...and of coz dirty and old-looking) and a pair of black slippers. I gave her a good look and saw that her toenails are not even cut. She's not retarded in any ways but I really do not know what's the story behind it. I thought of just ignoring her.

She walked few steps away. I looked away. After some lil thoughts (what IF she is REALLY hungry and super poor...rite?), I opened my handbag. She turned and walked a few steps towards me. I opened my wallet. No two ringgit. Just one ringgit.

I gave her another look and said "You know what? Take this.". Hope she gets to do what she wants with the money. May not be much but I hope it helps. =/ Btw,like I've mentioned in my first few sentences, there is no way one can get a proper meal at two ringgit in KLCC. She said "Thank you" and left. Within seconds, she was nowhere in sight. Guess she ran all the way to the foodcourt or something.

I toild my boyfriend about this just few minutes before I started drafting this post. He asked "Didn't you follow that girl?". I replied "No.". As much as I'd like to help her, I'm pretty scared myself.

What if she asked for money just to check out if I've got money at all? What if she has other friends waiting for me and stalk me? And then rob me? You can never tell. Can't you. Anyhow, none of the listed What-Ifs happened just now. =) Being a freak, I clutched my handbang tightly after I handed her the money, checked my pockets for my keys and phones. Guess it is hard to trust anyone at all. that I'm safe at home, I wonder why did she only ask for RM2.
1. Was she only short of RM2?
2. Did she has a plan to walk around and ask RM2 from other people too?

Since I do not read the news much, I wouldn't know if
1. She ran away from home.
2. Victim of domestic abuse.
3. A criminal.

Anyhow, it all doesn't matter. I'm glad she asked for money and not steal from anyone or anywhere. See, if everyone supports other people...I believe the crime rate would eventually decrease. I see nothing wrong if the girl walks aruond and ask for RM2 everytime she bumps into a person. *Hope she doesn't ask the wrong person. =/*

p/s: Sorry. This is meant to be a very short post with very little story in it. Anyhow, I miss writing stuff that I need to elaborate on almost anything I could. LOL!