Saturday, May 23, 2009

Reading vs Making Buckz

Many complained about work. Many stated that if they were given a choice to go back to school, they would. Many advised those who are still studying to enjoy school before they have to work. This made me come up with these questions.

Is working life that bad? Is schooling so great?

I had quite a number of friends asking me which one i prefer; school or work. Read on and you'll know my answer.

I LOVE GOING TO WORK! It is not that I don't like studying. I love studying too especially in uni. However, there are so many constraints compared to working. See, there are a lot of subjects taken in uni but i SWEAR to you, barely 5 is even used in the working world. Talking about university syllabus. *siiggghhhh* Back in uni, we do not have that much choices of which subjects to take as we are tied down with the program we enrolled in. Well, you can take the subjects you want but you'll be spending more time in uni and that would cost more money. :p Mmm...maybe it is the Bachelor/Degree level. I'll NEVER EVER do another in my life. I guess Degree/Bachelor is the worst level in studying; it drains students and make them hate studying.

Anyway, IF I'm given the opportunity (and of coz buckz) to study again, I wanna do all of the following (in priority order).
1. MBA
2. MIT (I would like to major on in software management or quality assurance!)
3. Cert./Dip. in Culinary Arts (this would prepare me to cook edible stuff in the future and who knows...even open a Book Cafe ;) )
4. Cert./Dip in MassComm (odd but I like hosting!....*talk,blab,enthusiasm,smile,camera,people*)
5. Cert./Dip in Interior Designing ( this would help me make my lil crib heaven..not just for me but for my family in the future. )

Uni/College I've eyed on?
a. Carnegie Mellon!..I'll do MIT+MBA there!!!Gosh! *i wishhh*
b. Aberdeen!
c. Binary College.

I don't foresee a and b happening :( *Unless there will be some miracles happening in the future...* As for item number 3-5, I'm not too sure where I wanna get it done.... :/

I'm getting drawn onto another topic so easily so pardon me. Lemme get back to the main topic of this post. Some of the many reasons I prefer to work becauseeeee

1. I have my own bucks! I control it. I run out of it, it is a problem but my problem.
2. With number 1, I can buy whatever I feel like having but couldn't have back then when I'm still schooling coz I can't keep asking moneh from my parents,rite? It would be too much!
3. Back to item number 1 again, I can buy ANY books I want. RM150 per book is expensive to my parents but not for me. And no, I do not have to ask for permission to buy and settle with a 2nd best book just because the best is the most expensive. LOL!
4. I have my own ride! Back in school..I have to wait for my dad...sux when u depend on others to get ur stuff done....coz they barely go with your plan and the things may get complicated. Though I have to drive, it is quite OK coz I pretty much have my time under my control. I plan. I execute!
5. My parents seem to understand my working hours. They still ask what time I'm coming home. They still wonder why I'm late but I've got a reason to be late; WORK. And work pretty much solves all the wonders. =p See...if I were to go out with a friend and be home at 10pm, my parents would be furious...especially when I left home early in the morning. With work, I can be out of the house for more than 12hours without questions asked. Wonderful but do they know that I have to sit and stare at screen all the time? *siiigghhhhh*
6. I dont' have to iron and wear the same boring uniform 5 days a week...well, wearing uniform is pretty boring but it helps in some ways; you do not have to think of what to wear! Well, now I can wear formal attire to work...downside?I have to do the thinking. EVERYDAY. Lol!
7. I can have my hair long and I can let it down! Damn!School made me tie it up the whole day...even when I don't feel like tying it up.
8. I can wear hair accessories other than black and white in colour. *phhhewwwww* You guys in school, stay monocoloured. K? =p There are soooooo many beautiful hair accessories. Even a purple or green hair tier is enough to complement the outfit you're wearing!
9. I can bring handbags to work! =p
10. I can wear jewelleries! Silver. Gold. Plastic. Beads. Pearls. You name it! I can wear ALL to work! And no one cares about the sizes!
11. I could go on and on and on <*ya know me...* but I decided to stop at 10!>

Well, if you wonder why I do not state "No homework" and "No exams"...I do not hate them. =) And guess what? There is no way to stop doing homework or having exams. Even as a working adult, you still see it and still have to handle it. Just that you may have not realized. ;) You always need the extra reading to find out more about something to get parts of your tasks done..and yes, there are deadlines. Exams? Well, your progress is always monitored by your supervisor! Go figure!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

2 Useful Domestic Devices

I had a friend who once asked me where can we find the iron used in department stores; the one you can use to iron while standing up and iron some particular spots only. My respond to her was "I dunno" coz I really do not know but I told her it is pricey. I'm not too sure who asked....hihi Could be Lizzie or Tracy...*hmmm*

Anyway,here it is! (Click on the image to get redirected to the source site. ;) )

Another item I bumped into is the gentle garments washer. Not essential but nice to have especially when 80% of your time is spent at work. :|

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Ferrari-shaped Mobile Phone

The creator must be a Ferrari fanatic or simply someone who thinks he wants to make more bucks by using Ferrari to attract buyers..particularly Ferrari fanatics. =p
I bumped into this while reading Moto U9 reviews. (Taken from

To read a brief review on it, click HERE. Btw, I'm not interest but I'm juzt sharing. Hihi

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

How I Describe Tech Arch. Role

If you do not know what Technical Architecture is, ask Mr.Google coz I'm not gonna type much here.Why? Coz I'm not allowed to.

Anyway, to my bunch of friends who has been complaining why I no longer have time to hangout and can't plan to hangout with it is. My role is a Never Ending Story with comes with multiple Series of Unfortunate Events.

With that, do not tell me to clear up my work becoz there is no way I can say I've completed my work. OK?


p/s:I'm not complaining but EXPLAINING.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Some kind of indication

Indicators are meant to indicate something...when used in public places, it is supposed to catch peoples' eyes so that they are alert and aware of what is going on or about to happen.

Here in my new client's site...they have indicators on top of each elevators. However, the lights of the indicators are barely visible. How idiotic. When the elevators reach our level, we'll wonder which elevator so we gotta wait til its door is opened. Imagine the indicator's light is the same colour of the light on the ceiling shining upon the indicator. Well, I guess the case is not too bad with elevators.

Wait til you get onto the road.
You see lotsa idiots being idiotic on the road. LOL!
What are idiots good at? They are great at being idiotic and just that! =p

Common scenario : Do not turn on indicator to change lanes or to turn into a junction. have the bucks to get a nice ride. Some even costs more than RM100k but then again, I dunno how and idiot manage to earn so much and buy that kind of cars. Idiots must be rich these days. Why bother paying so much for the car if it doesn't come with indicators? I dunno. Only idiots would make such decisions.

Odd Scenario : Turn on hazard lights.
Why? Not coz the car is having trouble but the driver is. He couldn't make up his mind which side of the road he'd like to be he turned on his hazards light and freely change from left to right lane...and from right to left lane every8seconds. How interesting rite?

-Creative Scenario(see the negation sign be for the first word) : Have the indicator light to be red. Why is this idiotic? It doesn't work well..particularly at night. When it is called indicator, it is meant to indicate something but it doesn't do that, it might cause trouble!

People, do use the "machine" you're born with. Incase you do not know where it is, it is in ur head...which is supposed to be on your shoulders not on ur knee caps. LOL! Now I'm adapting some malay crap into my English blog. =p