Thursday, December 20, 2012

Similarities in the bloodline

If you have ever said you have no similarities with your siblings(especially the one who really don't get along well with), I suggest you spend more time with the person doing random things. :p

In my case, I do not hate my brother but I happen to find more similarities. This found at a Japanese restaurant.

Here is how it started....
I arrived at the restaurant. He was still looking for a parking spot. Ordered 2 iced water as we both do not drink green tea. *funny...I know...*.

Ordered eel and salmon. Fine. Nothing out of ordinary here. When it came to a new dish we wanna try out, we took the plate.
Picked up the food, bend lower to the table an smell the food. Hahahahahaha when I noticed this, we both burst out in laughter.

When it came to the eel roll, we poked the cucumber out of the sushi. Aren't we just awesome? LMAO!

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

One of the many firsts

17th September 2012;1953

Have to mark this date somewhere. It is when I first cut my king's hair. :p

How i feel about it?
Not the very best hairdresser he ever had but it turned out pretty fine. He looks good anyway ;)

Will I do it again?
YES! How can I practice if I don't? hohoho

p/s: I don't think I dare to have someone with no experience to cut my hair....wait!someone no never did any trainings! Hahaha my king sure trusts and loves me a lot!whheeeeeee! ^___^

Love you darling!

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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Someday....hopefully soon

Every since Jan 2011, when she comes it will be either physically or emotionally painful.

This month. Both. May I not have to go through many more cycles of this. Don't know how much longer I can stand this before I crumble. *increasing the frequency of doa*

I know I'll be more loved when the day comes. Not just from him but maybe by almost everyone in the family. Plz let it come soon.

I know it won't be easy but that is what I want. We want. We all want. May I be able to appreciate it more than others. Particularly those who do not go through this and get things easily in life. World can be unfair just like that but who are we to question?

I'm always very thankful I can cry out this pain. Alhamdulillah.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Victoria's Secret, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

Oh myyy myyy myyyy! This is how Pavilion greets me after I've not visited it for sooooo long.

This is just soooo awesome! Now I don't need to order it online and wait for it to be delivered or trouble anyone to touchdown at the airport to get stuff ;)

The store is big. Bigger compared to the one in Sentosa Island, Singapore. :)

Ok now I can't stop grinning. ngrhn gehngeh ^____^

Btw, welcome to the KL City Victoria's Secret.

P/s: Shall I pick Pavilion over KLCC now? After all Typo and BIG Sephora is also here. Hmmmmm

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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Golden Churn is back!

To those who are affected by the news that Golden Churn butter is not halal many months back, here's news. It is back in the market and certified halal by the NZ Islamic Processed Food Management.

The following is taken from BIG Publika. Not sure if it is back in Cold Storage, Carrefour and other supermarkets yet.

Still in doubt? JAKIM declares it halal too. Click here to read about it on the Star Online.

Still in doubt? Go settle with other brands you are comfortable with. :)

Have fun baking peeps!

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Cotton On, Typo Malaysia Online

Typo, Cotton On and Rubi will be online super sooooooon! I placed Typo first as it is my number one favourite.

Can't wait to see what the online shop has to offer! 30% discount looks pretty secured already ;)

Go to to claim your 30% discount. Too bad no mention of dates but I really hope there will be a notification from them soon.

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Monday, July 9, 2012

Starbucks Cyberjaya (Drive Thru) Opens 9th July 2012

Cyberjaya folks can now enjoy Starbucks in their vicinity. The new Starbucks with Drive Thru officially opens its door and window today!!!!

I would say this is the biggest Starbucks in Malaysia I've been to. I have been only those in malls and airport only so if there's a bigger one than this, lemme know.

Besides being a drive thru outlet, it is also the first with variety of lunch meals offered. Therefore, it is just the right place to go during lunch and of course dinner!!! Starbucks fan can now jump with joy! ;)

The best selling classic donut will be given for free. T&C applies. Please refer to the following flyer.

Check out what's cooking! (You already know what's brewing ;) )

Can't order ALL from their menu so here are the Spaghetti Bolognese and Chicken Lasagna.

How big is the place? The following shall give you a rough idea. The interior design is also slightly different compared to other Starbucks we frequent at the malls. (Note: Love the ambience!!!!Great place to chill. I'm sure it will be swarmed by the many.)

That's me! =p Satisfied look after the meal.

Pardon the quality of the pictures. It comes from many; iPhone, iPod and Blackberry Bold.

Hope it gives you some ideas on what the place looks like. If you're not sure about the location, look for OldTown White Coffee. It will be very hard to miss.

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Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday; 18062012

Money taker : Art Friend
Payment term : Cash
Total damage : RM16.00

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

13062012; Wednesday

Money taker : Popular Bookstore
Payment term : Cash
Total damage : RM70.50

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday; 21052012

Money taker : Typo
Payment term : Cash
Total damage : RM25 (RM100 came from Prince's pocket. Thank u darling!)

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday; 20052012

Money taker : Sireh Pinang, Subang Parade
Payment term : Credit card
Total damage : RM250.00

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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Best Lip Balm in the World

Here's the best for lips!

What makes it the best you may ask. It moistures and it repairs. Not quite sure if they are many women have allergies to certain ingredients in lipsticks and it's sisters but I do. That would mean I can't wear those with perfume and haws knows what else :(
Buuuuut a woman is a woman an being a woman won't be complete if you can't feel pretty so the stubborn me still hunts and buy lipsticks. Why put on a dull face when they are soooo many colours to brighten up ur look, right?
Anyway, I discovered this is awesome when my usual Bobbi Brown lipstick irritated my lips *sighhhh* Palmer's Lip Butter came to rescue and it worked awesomely that I went barefaced with it to London. (If you like blackforrest flavour, u will def like this!)
That was when it went missing. Had to settle with Vaseline. Not too bad but it doesn't have the awesome effect as Palmer's Lip Butter. The great thing about Vaseline is it has tint so lipstick. :p
Hmmmm now that I have Palmer's in my hands again, I need to look for my lipsticks. Miss having colourrrrssss. ;)
Malaysia doesn't have this in store! If I need more, I will need to place my order in UK. *smirk*

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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday; 29042012

Money taker : Mayfair Handicraft
Payment term : Cash
Total damage : RM32.90

Each 7" hoop : RM10
Aperture card for am upcoming cross stitch card projects.

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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Saturday; 28042012

Money taker : Mini Toons
Payment term : Cash
Total damage : RM25

3 metres Apple USB Cable in Turquoise. Could have gotten a pink one but Mr.Husband wouldn't use I guess.

Looks like blue spaghetti. Don't you think?

Reason behind this purchase? Mr.Husband wants a lonnnnnngg cable. Hahahaha with the growing number of toys, we need it. Now we can charge the toys and have it still charging while roll on the bed from one side to the other. Hahahahaha :p 3 metres yo!

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Rainbow Studs

Bought this at Primark,UK. £2 only. Why can't we have something nice with great quality and awesomely priced in Malaysia???? The last time I bought cheap studs in Malaysia(RM10/pair), it either cause allergy or dropped from its back........ *smirk*

The missing pair is on my ears. Yellow pair of hearts. :)
Couldn't get enough of it, so I bought more last nite.

RM19 each. It stated Nickel, Lead , Cadmium Free. It better be. My skin would know if it isn't!
Sooooooooo can we have Primark in Malaysia? :)
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Pweety Apams

Almost toy-like don't you think?

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Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday; 27042012

Money taker : Cotton On
Payment term : Cash
Total damage : RM38.00

Money taker : Jaya Grocer
Payment term : Cash
Total damage : RM25.00

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tuesday; 24042012

Money taker : Times Bookstore
Payment term : Cash
Total Damage : RM49.95

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Just Another Post....

If there is one thing I would like to do now, it would be to disappear until the end of my birthday. Why? I don't want to go through another hellish birthday. Once is more than enough. I don't look for an extravagant birthday celebration coz if that is what I want, I would plan it on my own and pay it all coz no one can do that for me. No expectations for anybody to do this. Could this be a reason to label me selfish? Be it. I don't recall the time I cared about what people say about me anyway. This is the girl who wasn't liked since the day she came to this world. Bring it on!

If there is one thing i'd wish would be for me and my family to be where we were probably 20years ago. The time when my parents were both younger and healthier. I believe we were happier too coz we weren't here. Now, life has gotten so much more complicated. I have been giving in for sooo many things. Things that I would never even give way to (even in my head) if you were to put me in the same place 5 years back. Why the change? Maybe for love. cliche....i know..

The best thing about this year would be the fact that I have bought all my presents. They've all been waiting in the wardrobe since early this year...all waiting for May! Am I delighted? Of coz I am! Coz there is no dependency on anybody but ME! Why depend on others when they may fail,right? :p

Last night was the night I gave up on a beach holiday. I don't want it anymore. I don't see the point doing it with someone who doesn't feel like it. (Your sentence crushed my enthusiasm.) Just like how much KLCC means to me. It is my special spot. It is my familiar ground. It makes me feel . As for my birthday leaves, I'll probably just spend it t home with my parents and something...stitch something...take my mom out and stuff. Well, that is IF I don't cancel it.

Being where I am is definitely very confusing. I sometimes just give in to things to make others happy. Most of the time, I'm not near happy but it is a lot better than dealing with unhappy ppl around me. They are more troublesome to handle. Guess me being unhappy is easier to handle. When did I discover this? The day I signed my life away.

Things I have given up in the past few days:
1. My birthday
2. Birthday present from someone my best friends, I still wanna have some wishes from you is always so nice to know someone cares. REALLY.
3. The beach holiday I looked forward to (i REALLY don't want this anymore) The pre-holiday to-do list is also no need to look for my need to think of which suitable sunglasses to bring...which nice book/mag to bring need to remember to bring the sunblock and camera need anything. All scraped out. I'll use the 1k to clear some more space in my magic card. 
4. TTC this month...everything is just soooo OFF. I don't have the bucks to go for crappy treatments anymore. Modern, traditional..u name it. I'm tired. And it is always me who has to go through it. The procedures. The meds. The everything. It is boring. And incase you haven't noticed, it creates unnecessary pressure. My work is killing me enough. (Lately it isn't work...but someone at work..) Maybe I wouldn't need to go for any treatments if I'm completely happy. Who would leave a girl crying? Who wouldn't convince a girl to have breakfast when she barely had anything for dinner last nite juz coz she doesn't feel like eating where you want to eat? Go ahead call her selfish.
5. My own house. To start with, I don't even know why I settled with the idea to get a house in this area. Wait! I know! So that you are happy. So that it is me who goes through the pain everyday to work. Even if I don't go to work, my parents are near the city so I do the traveling if i wanna see them. So...why did I settle with the idea? One : I would like to stay on my own. That's the number one objective. I remember! Two : I don't want to go through another argument. Three : It doesn't benefit you if we were to stay elsewhere. Call me selfish again, plzzzzz. 

I always believe God tests ppl who are stronger. The ones who are stronger, needs to endure more. I believe my parents agree. My best friends too. Some questioned why I gave in. It is just something I have to do. Someone has to do it, right? And that someone is ME. =) Stubborn? I'm doubting myself already.

What do I feel like doing now?
1. Be somewhere no one knows me. Higher chance ppl will ask me how I'm doing there.
2. Not eat. I just don't feel like having anything now. Btw,y am I so freaking fat?Thanks to the stalls "=.=
3. Get a haircut.
4. Get my nails buffed.
5. See nobody.
6. Pack up my stuff and give everyone including myself a break! The only thing holding me back from doing this is just SIN.


You may get think I'm such a coward for typing this instead of talking this out. Look at me. Do I look like someone who will shut her mouth? :p When I decide to shut my mouth, it is the time I give up on talking about some matters. Plus, when I type, no one interrupts. For example, when I speak...anybody could interrupt and jump into my line. When I type, how can anyone jump into my sentences? Would they take my keyboard away just to "reply" my previous sentence? I don't think so. So here it is.....I hope this helps stop my tears. The tears that I had to wipe on my own. =) Thank you.

p/s: I really don't recall crying so much in a year.......funny

Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday; 23042012

Money taker : MPH
Payment term : Cash
Total damage : RM83.80

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Morning Smile

What puts a smile on your face when you start your day? Putting up our face? Selecting the to-wear clothing from the heap of clothings you have?

I gotta say showering with yummy shower gel/cream!

Check out the source of yumminess!

I intended to buy only one but couldn't decide which "flavour" I like most so I bought 2 that struck me with love; love at first sniff! =p

Sorry Victoria Secret. I'm giving Sephora range a shot this time ad they are yummmyyy!!!

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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Saturday; 14042012

Money taker : DeCleor
Payment Term : Visa
Total Damage : RM792.00


Big amount? It is actually a bargain. I initially wanted to get only 2 products first; night cream and day cream. These 2 should cost me about RM470. Still need other stuff; cleanser, toner and etc.

At RM732, I buy cleanser, toner, spot corrector and night cream. What happened to my plan on getting the day cream? No need to buy. It is inclusive with the items in the bag. Full size ok?

I still have a couple of other products from DeCleor in travel size just incase I get to go places again. Yes....I still want to go placessss :p

So at RM792, I got all that I needed! How long this will last me? I gotta say over a year! ;)

I believe Mr.Husband is happy that I am working and earning. =P

No other big purchases done today!

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Thursday, April 12, 2012


Magnum now has 4 flavours.
- Classic
- Almond
- Chocolate Truffle
- Choco-Cappucino

Which one is ur favourite? Classic still stands at my number one followed by Chocolate Truffle.

Why pay more for others with standards below Magnum? Magnum stands high at only RM3.90 per stick! ;)

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wednesday; 11042012

Money taker : MPH Subang Jaya
Amount given : RM201.20
Payment Term : Visa

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Monday, April 9, 2012

Sunday; 08042012

Will be running out of shampoo soon. Bought 2 bottles this time just so that there is a buffer before I completely run out of it.

Money taker:
Payment Term : Bank Transfer
Total Damage : RM72.50 (RM33 per bottle. RM6.50 for postage)

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Shopping Entry Debut

How many times and how many years have we asked ourselves these questions when we are slowly approaching the end of the month?

"When is my salary coming in?"
"Do I Have enough to last til end of month?"
"Gosh! Where did all my money go?"
"Where I did I spend all my money???"

Many a time, we don't have the answer. Why?
1. We don't keep track of our expenses.
2. We buy little items and we don't see them anywhere in our nest.
3. We forgot what we bought.
4. We juz do not know! =p

Due to the above reason(s), I have decided to keep track of my shopping activities. Not just in terms of how much I've spent but also what and where I spent my LITERALLY hard earned bux.
I believe my husband will agree that sometimes I buy junk. =p Items in this category normally appears like a necessity when we give away our bucks but few months down the road(if not weeks or days), we ask ourselves "Why in the world was I so dumb to be spending money on such items?!?!". Lol!

So here it is,my shopping entry debut. ;)

Date:6th April 2012
Money taker: Sephora
Payment Term: Debit
Total Damage : RM317

Money taker : Kinokuniya
Payment term : Cash and Visa
Total Damage : RM36 (cash) RM130.20 (Visa)

Money taker: Uniqlo
Payment term : Cash
Total Damage : RM59.90
(image from )

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