Sunday, March 9, 2008



So can't wait for my EL-500 to come!!!!
Well, at the same time i'm pretty sad to let go my has been quite a company after all these years...though i've not really played it when i was doing my degree.Hihi

EL-500 was at a good price and the price they offered for my EL-25 was also pretty good so i just went for it.So thankful i had my dad with me;he reduced 300 bucks more!!!Haih...when will i get such negotiation skills?!?!?!?!?!?!

Date to look forward to : 15th March 2008!!!!!

To do before EL-500 arrive :
1. Take pics of EL-25
2. Have my pics taken while i play EL-25
3. Play EL-25 til i feel satisfied
4. Dust EL-25 :)

Gossh!!!!So can't wait!!!! :D

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Damnit!!!!! LoveStory

LoveStory...sounds so times crappy too.

You can hardly tell which is wrong and which is rite in love unless you can see your future....
Long distance relationships rarely work but i have faith in mine coz mine has got quite a solid foundation before he had to go.

Most people would say it would make your heart grow ponder.In my opinion, it makes you fight even more.LOL!We tend to fight not cause we don't miss each other but we fight cause we miss each other too much but there's nothing we can do about it. :

My mood was sooo off last nite.He finally got his internet connection installed so he could now see me online and he'z been wanting to have vid calls with me so i believe has has first been waiting for his internet connection.Then he waited for me to get home.Right after im done with my mood got worst.Thanks to my dad(Refer prev. post).

I got to my room.Turned on the electone and started playing but nothing sounds and feels right so i called him up....he took soooo long to pick up.Itz not an issue itz juz that i have he'z-stuck-with-some-games-on-his-pc thought in my head.Yeah...assumption..assumption..assumption....sowie.It turned out that he was spreading some peanut butter on his bread...forgodsake,wat'z wrong with putting the bread down and pick up???Rite?I alreayd drop whatever i'm doing when i hear him calling..why can't he do the same?Rite?Urgghhhhh....forgodsake itz juz a bread!

He picked up the phone and told me he would call me later....i can't stand talking to him with his mouthful on the phone cause i can't make out what he's saying and my mood is crazee.Usually he would ca;; me rite after he'z done with whatever he is doing but apparently last nite...he got stuck somewhere i guess...else why would he take forever rite?Then he said he wants to vid call so i hungup...get my webcam and mic connected.Called him up.His messenger hit some error and he got disconnected.That surely added fuel.I called to ask why he said "Forget it.I'm not in the mood.I dunno why you have to alwayz ruin my mood.Why do u like to fight so much?"

Trust me.I don't wish to fight.Just that sometimes he adds spice to my temper.And so everything is dumped on him in the end.Then he would complain why do i dump things on him.Can't help it honey.U're suppose to help me calm down not add things up.And when i'm super crazee u could atleast help me get to the sane side rite?You need to fight fire with water not fire with fire.HE even dare to say "This is what i meant we can't get along".WTF?!?!?!?!The question now u wanna work on it or not....not whether u can get along or not.Damnit!!!!!

A friend of mine who got back from Africa got married after few months being with her husband(her bf back then)....she chatted a lil with me yesterday and she sounded oh-so-happy....i dunno if i'll ever be bf seems to take forever.This is our 7th year together...Damnit!!!!If you don't take actions on ur won't happen.Planning is a very important thing....90% of the people i know do not know this and i hate it coz they will end up implementing the word Adhoc and it kills me.

Honey, can't u be water once in awhile?..........

Damnit!!! @home

I dunno why but somehow now, i've gotten back to my electone and i'm looking forward to sell off my very old model of electone (EL-25)and get a used EL-500.The salesperson can't take more than RM1.7k for my electone and for me to get the model i wanna buy, i will need to pay RM250 every month for 2 years...not that long rite?But i dunno where i'll be within that 2years....So now i'm really thinking...and i have to decide within 2weeks....*sighhhhhhh*

Sometimes i wish i could be far away from home.No doubt i will miss them.Miss the homecook food and of coz miss my room. :( But things at home can be very tensed.I really wish i could cry all of this out...but surprisingly i can't. :(

When i got home last nite, it was already about 8:30pm. I ate my dinner.Then when i saw my 17-year-old bro. I asked him if he has gotten his bicycly fixed. Number one, my dad will use my car to send him to school which will cause my car's petrol(i'm not rich to keep filling in the petrol) and of coz the risk of not getting a parking spot near my block.*sigh*
Secondly, he will have to walk home everyday which oddly he doesn't mind these few weeks...very odd...i doublt he walks...he must have someone sent him home.Some rich friend's sis or mother or driver...i dunno.
When by bro said no, i asked him why not, he replied "No, i don't have time". I was like..."No time??What time do u get home btw?" He said 4 or 5pm everyday.IS that even late?Is that what u call 'no time'?Itz now the 'whether u-want-it-or-not question.Then there came my dad's voice; "Enough...why do u have to create such situation?It has nothing to do with you" ...well nothing to do with me but definitely something to do woth my money!!!!I juz replied "He would have to walk home everyday if he doesn't get it fixed." My dad replied "It is alrite.Up to him.Stop have reminded him once and that is enough already.Stop this." My last reply was "'s nothing just that u can be on your own feet why bother be one someone else's shoulders and depend on them to carry u?" Then my dad went ballistic; "What is wrong with you???!?!What is your problem?Why do you like this kind of situation so much?This has nothing to do with you.Why is it such an issue?Can't u keep keep quiet?I really don't get you.What is wrong with you?Stop this." As expected, i shut up but to hear him talk like that to me, i dun feel good being home anymore. :'( And that somehow brought back the scene when i was involved in an accident with the police bike with his companies' rented car; "I have done the stupidest mistake in my life...Why did u drive this car?..What am i going to answer to the management?What will happen to my record at work?" Problem with me is, i live in the past sometimes...well, maybe most of the times just becoz I REMEMBER.After all the commotion, i cleared up the dishes and put them on the rack and head to my room.Til now i feel i dun wanna be here. :(

:'( Lemme just cry in my heart.

Damnit!!!! @work

Wassup with everyone?Can the please stop messing with me?
To start with, why in da world does the motorcyclists be in the middle of the lane when they can hardly go faster than a car????Why must they be in the middle when we wana change lanes coz the car in front of us is too slow or the car behind us is going too fast???Damnit!!!

At work, i feel super demotivated already; i'm dumped to create inventories and accounts and inventories again...and accounts again....*sighhhhhhh* itz not so easy to create coz sometimes the environment can have sooo many issues at the same time and sometimes the users request for ridiculous stuff that i can't bulk create using the bulk create program so there are some i have to create one by one.Damnit!As for the first request, i'm not even 50% done up to this moment i'm typing this. Suddenly, there'z another request for phone numbers btu in the end the request is kept onhold coz they themselves can't decide the right prefix for the numbers they wanna use.WTH!?!?!?Next came another request and the user want it within 1 or 2 days, pretty adhoc rite?They wanna it to be in a diff server...some stuff juz couldn't be done from the til now i still have some trouble to get it done; have to disable some table references but i can't do it so i would require someone else's help but that someone maybe sees it as something not-so important or that someone is just to bz to look at my stuff.Damnit!!!!Towards the end of yesterday, came in another request...not many but a lil bit troublesome coz she wants many diff accounts under different type and packages and yea....diff types of penalties..WTH?!?!?!?Why can't they create????I can provide the numbers and SIMs no prob....Damnit!!!!
While others are getting super familiar with the system, i create stuff like a factory..can't say im not important but my tasks are pretty tedious and of cz repetitive...see the word "BORING"???LOL!A few is given the chance to look into automation tools...why them?Im the one who was a test engineer b4 this.... : and yea..then again i have a handful of tasks and i dunno if anyone wanna gimme a i'm wondering if they purposely do this to tell me i'm not capable in the end of the day....possible rite?*told ya i'm pessimist*

Now, my career.Where do i go from here?My current capability is Java but i hardly touch Java after i graduated...i wanna do SAP but til now, i still haven't complete the SAP Overview training..*haihhh* If the really can't get me into SAP, I'm gonna do my very best to get myself to be Oracle Associate DBA!!!I tell u i will if you don't gimme what i want!Could be a lot of work and time but i'm willing to do it to be different!!!!And of coz to show them i can be valueable without their help.Who are they to decide in the first place???Damnit!!!!

My current roll-off date is 1st June... most people will be gone by then...but now i'm wondering if they wanna keep me that long since i know nothing much about how to the system does it stuff....I dun mind rolling-off earlier..but where will they dump me next?I have no sense of direction.I dun like to park at funny places.I still wanna be able to claim adequate mileage.