Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Crazy World. Breed with brains please.....

Bumped into this clip on my timeline. Very disturbed. Scared. Sad. Disspointed.


See people, it is seriously not just about sex and breeding.
It is not about boasting you're healthy and can breed many.
No point breeding scary angry people. U have battled your life just to bring this human into this world. This human is here because of you.

Yes, label me emotional.
I am very scared of the big responsibilities that I may/may not be able to hold.
I am very scared for my kids to be a victim. (Can I not puah for something which is probably not meant for me? The world is a scary crazy place.)
I am scared that my kids will drag me to deeper level of hell.
Yes, no point being scared you may say.
Take life one step at a time? Live life one day at a time?

14 years ago, I left school.
Left school with ugly memories of crappy friends and teachers.
Bullied by a big fat bully.
Guess what? Of all people to be in the uni with, the big fat bully was there.
Good thing i graduated first!

During my schooling years, I never feel belonged apart from my school when I was 11 and 12yo.
Those were the best years of my life. Fun years like how schools are supposed to be.

Eagles fly solo.
That was my motto.

Kept me alive with my head up!

Recent case where a 15yo fell to his death from 3rd floor of his school building.
This is someone's child. Someone's darling child. A boy who was soft-spoken. Kept to himself.
Yet, it happened.

Was he bullied? No.
Did he bully someone? No.
What did he do? He helped someone who routinely got bullied/pranked by someone else.

Monster child is scary to have.
Kindhearted child may be killed.

Can I just keep my eggs to myself.
This is one of the reasons I am barely jealous of anyone with kids.

Seriously, the starting point may not take brains but the result will take more than just brains.


 p/s: Some people need to stop telling me to breed. God is prolly saving me from something. See, I am weak. I don't mind "going" after delivery if it means to save me from the world. World is a crazy place.