Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Mr.Darcy & An Apple

Dreams. Just a word. Just a dream..
I believe there are many you call tell about a person from his/her dreams.
And dreams can be
I dream to have one house in every big city in the world.
I dreamt of my crush last night.
My nightmare woke me up crying in the middle of the night.

I used to remember all my dreams when I wake up that I find it very odd some people just do not remember. And some have their dreams in black and white. Interesting but I prefer mine coloured. Feels more real that way.

Throughout my life, I have dreams shattered. Dream realized. Dreams forgotten and of course dreams what woke me up scared, crying and even laughing! Most of the time, people in the dreams are faceless. How do we know it is the specific person? We feel it is them. 

This morning, I woke up almost crying. Sad and terrified.
1st scene, one of my parent was sooo excited to see apple at the front door. Somehow in my dream, I felt so offended. I was somehow dropped from the scene when apple turned up. Anyway, they never dropped anything for me. Let alone get so excited to see me. I'm no apple. Well, not that I even want to be an apple. I am already an apple size. :p It is just the feeling of being dropped from the picture kills. Ah well, at some point in life we will all be optional.

Terrified is when you are assigned to a scary Darcy-looking guy in your dream. Yes, we were in some mansion in my dream and this Darcy-looking dude and his fellow friends are looking for partners. His friends happily picked girls from the neighbourhood to marry and this Darcy dude picked me............................obviously he said he just wants me to be around when he needs me. Nothing sexual incase your mind wanders there. In my dream(or nightmare?), I was 21 dressed in a pretty deep red medieval dress. I expected to bring him papers, make him drinks and etc...yes, maid to Darcy-looking dude. I really don't know where this setting came from........I don't even like Mr.Darcy. Guess it is nice taming an arrogant dude. Just like how you get to crack open a shy guy.

What REALLY woke me up was the apple scene. And to add more to the least-important-person-in-the-world feeling, someone baked a pizza for himself and left none but dirty dishes for me. It doens't really matter but the dream and the no-pizza-in-view made me teary.....well, I've been teary these days anyway so no biggie. "=.= 

Now, where did this apple scene come from? Have I been thinking too much about apple returning? Maybe subconsiously....idk....I only remember thinking about when my beloved bro will be going back to his uni and when can I get the boys to sleepover at my little nest. 

At the back of my mind, I feel that someone is being soooo controlled by his own mind thinking everybody has all the expectations in the world for him to be around. I really don't understand why. Why are we more suffocated now that we are married? Is the way out a baby? If yes, baby is not making its way anytime soon so I guess I suffer some more? *sighhhhh*

It has been ages since I last penned anything here but today, I just need to let it out somewhere. Not that I want the entire world to read this (do I even have a reader here?). There are simply times when there is no one to talk to not because there is noone around but just no one who would understand. ATM, I have slight headache. Days have not been so good lately. I'll switch my focus to cleaning up my nest and hopefully I will have some time to stitch. 

I hate August 2015.

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