Wednesday, August 5, 2015


She said:
"Jadi perempuan memang kena makan hati kot. "
(It is the nature of being a woman to have heartaches.)


Does it really need to be that way? 😔 We have already given up most of our norms if not all. My parents would say "Embrace them all with utmost sincerity." Where is the give and take then? I am sure there is a limit to everything. 😁 I am only human. 

"Sebaik-baik perkataan adalah diam." (The best word is to be quiet.) This is one of the many wise words I will keep close to me. Holds true especially when a heart is burden. Tough for someone who talks at every opportunity she has. I'm like popcorn. (Picture this: Popping corns in a pot.)

If there is one thing to be thankful for, it has to be the ability to shed tears when the heart couldn't take it anymore. 😭😭😭😭😭

Do song and romance novel writers treat their women better? Can someone give me an insight? While other girls in the world dream of a big wedding, I am very curious about this.  Best is to hear from Nicholas Sparks's significant other and daughters. *curious* Please don't tell me it is all fiction!

How about David Beckham?
Don't bother putting Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt in my list. They don't qualify. 😋 Heart over looks. Looks is bonus. The reason why I'm in some random ballerina flats instead of killer heels. How are these related? Go figure!

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