Thursday, February 20, 2014

FIQ's Gastronomy

If you have always like the thoughts of fine dining but don't quite fancy the serious ambience, this is the place for you. FIQ's Gastronomy is a casual fine dining place.

My partner in crime decided to tryout this place after it has so much advertisements from my sis-in-law every time we pass by the area! She must like it very much.

So here we are. :) 

First impression as we walked in, nice interior!
The furnitures are from pallets (I think). Pretty cool!
The open kitchen is a good idea.

We opted to sit outside coz we fear smelling like food when we leave. Lol
Setup on the outside is like a garden. The table that we picked has one arm chair and we almost fought for it.

Here comes the menu. It looks like they will add more to the menu in the future(I hope I am right). A little preview below.

Wasn't very hungry so we tried

Crunchy Calamari
Very crunchy as named! Served on a blue wooden chopping board. (The board comes in many colours) Check out how the sauce spread on the surface.

Boneless Short Ribs
Tender meat. Tender carrots. If you are hungry, order 2.

Not quite sure if it is just us but we can't finish this. Even after an additional scoop of ice-cream. Gotta be our first unfinished one.

Again, nice presentation. Sorry but I have to take a break from brownies for now.
And packed Mac N Cheese for the few people at home to try.
Sprinkled with beef bacon and cheese. Not very cheesy if you are into the cheesy type.

Overall, nice hang out place. Youngsters will love it.
Good ambience. Food presentation is great. Attentive staff.
Service is adequately fast.

Here's a nice view from the outside to the inside. Looks framed.

The bomb?
Pardon them, their system is probably down.  :p
FIQ's Gastronomy
34, Jalan SS19/1D,
Subang Jaya
Tel: 03-5613 0473
Opening Hours:
Tuesday - Friday 12:00pm to 10:30pm

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